Do you think Lotus, the Vietnamese social network, is a tool of government?

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Do you think Lotus, the Vietnamese social network, is a tool of government? They ask for personal details, like ID number, picture of you and your ID, right after you register, so they can spy their users.
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I just register an account on Lotus a few days ago, so this is my answer:

Lotus (and by extension, Gapo, just in case you want to bash them together) is a new social network made by Vietnamese for Vietnamese. Because it is new (very new, less than 6 months old), I refrain from commenting anything. I prefer a “wait and see” approach to see how it goes

Showing the ID is “optional”. And now, they are not asking you for the ID, I just check the “personal detail” tab on my Lotus, and they are lines for

Your name (to “show” on Lotus)

Your nickname

Gender (Male and Female - I expect so-call LGBTQI… right activists in-bound)

Your own self-description


Place of work


Place of resident



Date of birth

URL Facebook or Instagram

URL Telegram

So, there is no such thing as “asking for ID number”. Either you are using a “recently updated” version (I recall there are 2 or 3 updates since I install the program), or you are simply lying.

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VietnamAnswer can’t answer you but the privately-held Lotus can and the Beta mode of Lotus is too early to even speculate “so they can spy their users“!

While Lotus may directly requires your photo ID and Facebook does not: Facebook only allows access to account after verification via text, SMS, messages… to and from your phone number. Phone number register, however is address and ID-based!

If this 1-step of Lotus vs. 2-steps of ID accessing of Facebook concerns you and stop your crossover to a made-in-Vietnam social network, rest assured that altogether Facebook, Googles, Microsoft, Twitter…. are handling hundreds of thousands of client data over to the US government and much less to foreign governments, every year without your knowledge….

No one calls Facebook a tool of government, unless they have something to hide!


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