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Member for: 9 years (since Oct 29, 2014)
Type: Super Administrator
Extra privileges: Adding comments
Recategorizing any question
Editing any question
Editing any answer
Editing any comment
Editing posts silently
Closing any question
Selecting answer for any question
Viewing IPs of anonymous posts
Viewing who voted or flagged posts
Approving or rejecting posts
Hiding or showing any post
Deleting hidden posts
Viewing the newest users page
Viewing the special users page
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Activity by super

Score: 13,610 points (ranked #1)
Questions: 86 (4 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 111 (20 chosen as best)
Comments: 13
Voted on: 15 questions, 57 answers
Gave out: 72 up votes, 0 down votes
Received: 40 up votes, 0 down votes
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