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Where should you rent a house to stay for a long time 3-6 months in Hanoi?

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Recommendations from a Hanoian:

Before coming to Hanoi: find information about appartments, get some suggestion from local people and expats.
First arrival: You should stay at a hotel or stay at friend's house a few days when you first arrive. In the mean time, you can have a look at suggested places and find more information.
I personally suggest Ba Dinh District (my Australian friends lived there and it's a common place for foreigners' appartments) or Tay Ho District (West lake) (it is more expensive and also another common place for foreigners).
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Consider Ocean Park in Hanoi
Vinhomes Ocean Park is a large-scale residential complex located in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a meticulously planned and integrated urban area designed to provide a modern and comfortable living environment for residents.

Spread across a vast area, Vinhomes Ocean Park offers a diverse range of housing options, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and shophouses. The development features a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and lush green spaces, creating a serene and vibrant community.

One of the notable features of Vinhomes Ocean Park is its emphasis on creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. The complex incorporates numerous parks, lakes, and green areas, providing residents with ample spaces for outdoor activities, relaxation, and recreation. The highlight of the development is the central park, spanning over 24 hectares, which offers a beautiful natural landscape and various amenities for residents to enjoy.

Residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park have access to an array of top-notch facilities and amenities within the complex. These include schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, sports facilities, and a wide range of services, ensuring that all essential needs are conveniently met within the community.

Moreover, Vinhomes Ocean Park is designed with a comprehensive infrastructure system, ensuring smooth transportation and connectivity. The complex features well-planned roads, walkways, and cycling paths, making it easy for residents to navigate and explore the area. Additionally, there are public transportation options available, facilitating convenient access to other parts of Hanoi.

With its thoughtfully designed living spaces, abundant greenery, and a wide range of amenities, Vinhomes Ocean Park aims to provide a high-quality and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.
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Even if you're visiting, avoid tourist area if you're cost conscious. 6 months of rents will cost a lot. Find a place within 1-2 km radius will be much better.

Airbnb offers a lot of options for long temporary stay like yours. Scout a few hotel booking, apartment renting website for better comparison.

If you prefer to visit the place before making the decision, I'd suggest booking a hotel for a short stay (3 days to a week) so that you can have a place to stay while doing the apartment hunting. To be honest, I'd do that if I were you. The advertised pictures of the rooms can be very deceiving.

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3 to 6 months is quite a long time there, so you should thinking about renting an apartment.

If you come to work, then you should find somewhere near your workplace because it's easier to commute and cost less than taking a cab everytime you go to work.

You can search through Google for some real estate website, or you can contact someone local there, ask them for help finding a house around. They can help you integrate with the locals.

If you come just to visit and travel a lot, then you should choose staying in the hotel. You can change the location to different places anytime and explore the other regions.

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