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Where to buy Vietnam Jade

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Vietnam Jade can be purchased from various sources, both online and offline. Here are some options to consider when looking to buy Vietnam Jade:

Jewelry Stores: Visit reputable jewelry stores that specialize in gemstones and jade. These stores may have a selection of jewelry pieces or loose Vietnam Jade stones available for purchase.

Gemstone and Mineral Shows: Attend gem and mineral shows or exhibitions where vendors from around the world showcase their collections. These events often have a wide range of gemstones, including Vietnam Jade, available for sale.

Online Store: Explore trusted online marketplaces that specialize in gemstones and jewelry. Look for sellers with positive reviews and ensure they provide detailed information about the Vietnam Jade they are selling.
If you are in Euro, consider this site EuroJade.fr to buy Vietnam Jades
Local Artisan Markets: Visit local artisan markets or craft fairs where artisans may sell handmade jewelry or carved items made from Vietnam Jade. This can be a great way to support local artisans and find unique pieces.

Directly from Jade Traders: Connect with jade traders or suppliers who specifically deal with Vietnam Jade. They may have a selection of rough or polished stones available for purchase.

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Vietnamese have always had a special relationship with jade, and many Vietnamese women are accustomed to wearing a jade bracelet around their wrists.

As a result, many misconceptions are circulating around jade in Vietnam, conveyed by intermediaries who have no knowledge of jade or who knowingly mislead their customers.

Jade (jadeite) is present everywhere in Vietnam: in markets, in tourist shops but also in jewellery stores.

Customers who buy from a market may think that there is a risk of not buying authentic jade but legitimately, he will feel even more protected if he buys from a tourist shop and even more from a jewellery store.

What is really the case?

First of all, we will allow ourselves to repeat tirelessly that there are no commercially exploited deposits of jade (jadeite or nephrite) in Vietnam. All the jadeite (which we are interested in in the case of Vietnam) that is found on the market comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma), and is worked (and in the majority of cases dealt with) in China.

A guide, a seller or a jeweler can tell you otherwise, that's not true.

As jade is very expensive, and as Vietnam is a country with very large economic disparities between the inhabitants, the stone must remain affordable for the Vietnamese on the street. Since jewellery is luxury goods, a bracelet that costs the equivalent of a hundred US dollars in our home is a dear product in Vietnam.

As on a previous visit two years ago, we confirm that Vietnam is one of the countries where we have noticed that 'alleged' jewellery, sometimes with the most cheerful and unlikely colors, with almost all of the C-type jade (blanchi and dyed).

Be aware that addressing a jeweller in this country does not in any way guarantee the quality of the jewelry.

Below are some examples that we hope will encourage you to be very careful when shopping...


These bracelets are sold in a jewellery store at Ho Chi Minh City International Airport. They are sold for 2,000,000 tonnes (EUR 76) and shall include a certificate number attesting that they are in "natural wadeitis".
The bracelets on the following bearer cost 1,000,000 tonnes (EUR 38) and appear to contain no guarantee certificate number.

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In Vietnam, there are several places where you can buy Vietnam Jade. Here are some options:

Jewelry Stores: Visit reputable jewelry stores in major cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. These stores often have a selection of Vietnam Jade jewelry, such as jade bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

Traditional Markets: Explore traditional markets such as Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi or Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City. These markets often have gemstone sections where you can find vendors selling Vietnam Jade and other gemstones.

Jade Street in Hanoi: Head to Nha Tho Street in Hanoi, also known as Jade Street or Silver Street. This street is famous for its numerous jewelry stores specializing in jade and other precious stones.

Craft Villages: Vietnam is known for its traditional craft villages, some of which specialize in jade carving. Visit locations like Nephrite Jade Village in Ha Giang Province or Ha Thai Village in Hanoi, where artisans work with jade and offer their products for sale.

Gemstone Exhibitions: Keep an eye out for gemstone exhibitions or trade shows happening in Vietnam. These events bring together local and international sellers, providing an opportunity to explore and buy Vietnam Jade directly from the source.

When purchasing Vietnam Jade in Vietnam, it's important to inspect the quality of the stone, negotiate prices, and ensure you are buying from reputable sellers. Take the time to educate yourself about jade characteristics and seek assistance from local experts or gemologists if needed.

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