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Do Vietnamese Americans hate Northern Vietnamese?

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The older generation, YES. It seems the older they are (grandparents, great grandparents), the more they hate the North.

The younger ones, meh who cares. We just don’t like the whole suppression of free speech, authoritarian gov, atrocities against human rights (America has its own problems too).

I feel the worse for my parents generation. She was in middle school when our family began to plot their escape. She never got the chance to finish school & achieve her dreams. Instead, being the eldest daughter, she had to immediately work upon her arrival in America (14 years old in factory).

She has no hatred or animosity or anger towards the North because all she’s known is work, work & more work. I can’t tell if this is worse than say, her younger sisters who were able to attend American university, became professional & have disdain for the North. idk

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I can only speak for Millennial or younger aged Vietnamese Americans. I’m sure there is still some animosity on the part of the 1st Generation of Vietnamese Immigrants but speaking on the younger generations, No, we do not hate Northern Vietnamese. We don’t hate the Vietnamese Government. We do not hate communism. I do disagree with some of the other posts that we are all one Vietnamese People though. For the most part, we are American. Although we share the same cultural traditions (albeit a little different now), same taste of food, and sometimes the same language (use is dwindling), we are different. We’re not better or worst, just different peoples. We’ve established a new identity and a new culture of our own. In the eyes of other Vietnamese, we’re not fully Vietnamese, in the eyes of other Americans, we’re not fully American. Instead, we’ve established an identity all our own and that’s ok.

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