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What is the Vietnamese name Mười in Chinese?

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What is the Vietnamese name Mười in Chinese?
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“ Mười” in Vietnamese may be is the number 10 or username but in Chinese it is used as number

“Mười” in Chinese is written :

the number 10 : 十

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Well, if you are talking and referring to “Sino-Vietnamese”.

I would have to say is this character.



Hán - Nôm Reading: “ mại ”, “ mời ”, “ mười ”.

English meaning:

to stride

to take a step

to pass by


Also, it can mean…


(colloquial) kilometer per hour

Since the other meaning for “ mười ” would be in Chữ Nôm (Vernacular/ “Pseudo-” Sino-Vietnamese Characters)


Which both these characters mean in English: “Ten”; “10” in Native Vietnamese vocabulary.

Since “Ten; 10” in Sino-Vietnamese ( Hán - Việt Reading) is “ thập ” (used ONLY in compounds)


thập kỉ / thập kỷ (十紀): “decade”

thập niên (十年): “decade”

* For Vietnamese, there is a difference between “ thập kỉ / thập kỷ ” or “ thập niên AND mười năm ”. The former means “decade” while the latter actually means “ten-years”; ”10 years”.

thập phân (十分): “decimal”

thập phương (十方): “everywhere”

thập tự (十字): “cross”; “十-shaped” (Also other East Asian uses this vocabulary word such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.)

I hope this helps you.

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