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How do stereotypes about the Chinese differ from those about the Vietnamese?

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I think in general they are differ in terms of the day to day lives, this is also a very general way to classify it, because the life styles are also diverse from within , but the general stereotype can be applicable, with bias counted, and so it turn out to me that, in their day to day lives,

The Vietnamese express more about what they want to do.

The Chinese express more thoughts about what they needs to do.

The Vietnamese can’t stop hanging out with the others, it is hard for them to stop it.

The Chinese tends to spend times with their family and works.

These are stereotypes, bias are counted, and it doesn’t follows that they must be accurate when it applies to any particular scenarios.

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Thanks for A2A.

I dont really don’t care about how they’re different, because Chinese are Chinese, Vietnamese are Vietnamese, we are not the same people.

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