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Are there any specific documents or proof I need to provide in order to have my Vietnam visa repurposed?

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To have your visa repurposed for an extended stay in Vietnam to visit your Vietnamese citizen parents, you may need to provide certain documents or proof. While the specific requirements can vary, here are some common documents that may be requested:

Proof of Relationship: You will likely need to provide documents proving your relationship with your Vietnamese citizen parents. This could include birth certificates, marriage certificates, or any other official documents that establish the familial connection.

Invitation Letter: A letter of invitation from your parents, stating the purpose of your visit and confirming their Vietnamese citizenship, can be helpful. The letter should include their contact information, address, and details about the duration of your intended stay.

Supporting Documents: Additional supporting documents may be required to demonstrate the purpose of your visit and your ties to Vietnam. This can include copies of your parents' identification documents, such as their Vietnamese ID cards or passports, as well as any other relevant documents that provide evidence of your relationship or the need for an extended stay.

Financial Proof: It is common to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your extended stay. This can include bank statements, proof of employment, or any other documents that demonstrate your financial stability and ability to support yourself during the visit.

It's important to note that visa repurposing and the specific document requirements can be subject to the discretion of the immigration authorities. It is recommended to contact the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate or consult with an immigration lawyer for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your specific situation.

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