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Hi there! I am an Irish student travelling Asia for the Summer (12 weeks). When I left Ireland on the 30th of May my passport was valid for another 6 months, however now it only valid for 4. It expires on the 5th of December 2011. I am terrified this will create problems for me as I wish to move from Laos, where I currently am, to Vietnam. The transition will be made over land. I have spent the day looking up this on the internet and most places say that I will need 6 months validity beginning on my entry into Vietnam (WHICH I DO NOT HAVE).
There is no point in me applying for a passport extension as it will take too long. I wish to spent a week in Vietnam and then fly from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. A small number of internet sites didnt mention the 6 month validity issue but did instead say that a month passport validity upon leaving Vietnam is necessary. (this would not create any problems for me).
I'm not sure if this is exactly your field of expertise but I urgently need to know anything that could help me. Can you give me any insight as to this subject. I have tried contacting the embassy in Laos but it was too late and it will be closed at the weekend. I also tried to contact the Vietnamese embassy in London with no luck, unfortnately.

Is it possible to obtain a tourist visa even if my passport is valid for only four months?

I would really appreciate any help or advice you could give me, Thank you!

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6-month validity remaining on passport is mandatory for any entry to Vietnam, so in order to avoid any problems at both departure and arrival airports, we suggest that you contact a nearest Irish embassy to renew your passport before you travel to Vietnam.

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