Why are coffee shops so famous in Vietnam?

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Why are coffee shops so famous in Vietnam?

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Because it depends on the culture of Vietnam.

Unlike the Eastern world, Vietnam is a crowded country with little space. People had long familiar with talking to each others to chew some fat, and coffee shops is usually the place where people can meet, enjoy their drinks.

Furthermore, coffee in Vietnam tastes very good. Since long ago the people already had the habit of enjoying coffee.

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the first reason is the coffee itself. It tastes good (we love to put condensed milk/sugar in it). The French introduced coffee to Vietnam. Since then, Vietnamese has developed and create their own coffee culture. It comes a vital part of daily life. you can encounter coffee shops everywhere for few-cent coffee cup on the sidewalks to boutique coffee shops. They are not the place to get a drink but to chit-chat, work, bussiness meet up…

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Coffee drinking becomes a culture in Vietnam so coffee shops in Vietnam will become famous. Here are some reasons

Vietnamese people drink coffee and give coffee to friends and relatives as a gift because they grow coffee and love its taste

Vietnamese people drink coffee because of its coffee space. A coffee garden gives them an airy space with lots of trees. A cafe room there is no noise, full of cool temperatures from the air-conditioner emanating, the smell of coffee flooding the room, full of music, art lights and interior decoration, ….

There are also a lot of people who say they “go out for coffee”, but in the coffee shop, they choose another drink like juice or milk tea. "Drinking coffee" has become almost an idiom and getting into a cafe has become a habit of Vietnamese people.


And if you have more time we will think more about coffee trees and coffee related things in Vietnam (such as planting, drinking, processing, trading, ...

1.Planting and distributing:

The coffee tree was brought to Vietnam by the French in the 1850s and was planted experimentally throughout Vietnam in the mountainous areas of the Northwest, Central, and then the Central Highlands.

Previously, the French had carefully surveyed the soil, climate, altitude, ancient alluvial floor ... Buon Ma Thuot was chosen as a Robusta coffee plantation, taking Buon Ma Thuot as a center within a radius. 10 km of Robusta coffee plantations are in good physical shape. Basalt red soil is the most suitable soil type to grow coffee trees.

At present, coffee yield in the Southeastern provinces and the Central Highlands accounts for 50% of Vietnam.

Coffee from planting to harvesting takes about 3 years. In hot and sunny climates, it needs watering. The amount of water depends on the weather and the stage of development of the coffee flower. The coffee flower blooms around March. The fruit ripens around November. Coffee flower blooms only once a year, so people only harvest coffee fruit once a year.

Coffee growers in Vietnam have never felt comfortable with growing coffee to make money. Coffee purchasing price is not stable. High prices when crop failure. My friends said that they are farmers, they live with coffee and die with coffee. When they can sell coffee at high prices, they will save money for times when they cannot sell or sell at a loss. Sometimes they cut down a few coffee trees and replaced them by fruit trees

2. Drinking coffee in Vietnam

The Northen:

Northern people preferred green tea so the consumption of coffee in the North was limited. Green tea (hot and iced tea) is sold in cafes like coffee while the central and southern regions are free.

The Central:

People in Central Vietnamese like to drink coffee and drink green tea (thin tea, not as strong as tea in the North). Coffee shops offer free tea when you order coffee. The central people drink coffee like the northern people. Iced black coffee is very dark and only has 1 small piece of ice to make it cool.

The Southen:

Southerners have a habit of drinking coffee all year, some people drink for refreshments, some people drink coffee with lots of milk or sugar instead of having breakfast. Coffee in the south is thinner than the central and the north because there is a lot of ice in a black coffee cup. They like the cool feeling and the sweet aroma of the coffee in the windy and sunny atmosphere.

3. Drinking (Enjoy) coffee space

Coffee shop is a place for meeting friends and family. The venue for the seminars. The place to discuss business. Especially the place to meet customers of the sales staffs and brokers

The coffee shop is also a study place, a dating place for couples. (Vietnamese do not study in the library and rarely date in the park. In addition, this is a place for lunch break, reading, listening to music, chatting, ...

Coffee shop is an mobile office (low cost, easy to move, quiet, cool, you can sit as long as you want). Vietnam has many young startups. In order to save money on office rental, they work in coffee shop.

4. The opening of a coffee shop has become one of the business and startup ideas in Vietnam

There are many coffee shops in Vietnam and for a long time, especially in Saigon. But it is not frantic and there is no clear strategy.

In 1992, there was a Medical student of Tay Nguyen University (Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam), with his passion for coffee, he left his studies to trade coffee. He and his wife founded Trung Nguyen Coffee Company

In 1998, Trung Nguyen Company opened its first coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, Trung Nguyen's franchised cafes appear popular nationwide. By November 2018, Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe chain of franchise stores had 64 stores, ranking the third in Vietnam after The Coffee House with 133 stores and Highlands Coffee with 233 stores.

Although behind foreign brands in terms of franchise, but at that time, Trung Nguyen coffee was really famous and popular in Vietnam. The taste is very good, suitable for Vietnamese taste, cheaper and especially it is the coffee of inspiration and success.

The success of Trung Nguyen coffee has become an inspiration for many, especially poor students who want to start a business. One of the slogan that brings great success for Nguyen Coffee is "KHƠI NGUỒN SÁNG TẠO" (inspired creativity). When translated into English, maybe people can not fully understand the profound meaning of this slogan.

What does “KHƠI NGUỒN” mean? when it is sunny for a long time, without rain, without a drop of water, people go looking for water everywhere by all means. When finding a water source, they have to “KHƠI NGUỒN” to allow water to flow out into wells, ponds, streams, rivers, etc. Trung Nguyen Coffee has inspired the idea for many people who want to start a business or create something. There are many people who have worked in the coffee shop, marketing coffee, growing coffee, processing and packaging coffee, opening coffee shops, etc.

Until recent years, Trung Nguyen coffee was once again famous for the divorce and property division of the couple, the two founders of the company. Trung Nguyen coffee has been downhill since then.

With the appearance of many coffee brands in Vietnam market, now Trung Nguyen coffee shops are no longer popular and famous.

In Vietnam, not only Trung Nguyen Coffee is unique, there are many quality and long-standing brands of Vietnam. However, Vietnamese people in the past used to like Trung Nguyen coffee.

So many Vietnamese drank Trung Nguyen coffee like drinking the creativity and success of a poor student who is passionate about coffee and have created tremendous success. for Vietnamese coffee.

My job does not have any connection to coffee. I am just one of those who love coffee. Hope my VEnglish won’t make you cry!


Coffee flower is the most beautiful flower in the world. Featured on the basalt red soil and dark green foliage are pure white flowers. Coffee flower has a very pleasant aroma. Even if you stand in the middle of a coffee forest with lots of blooming flowers, the fragrance never makes you breathless or uncomfortable.

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Vietnam inherited the coffee culture from the time of French colonial rule. Since then coffee has become a daily drink in every Vietnamese family. However, drinking coffee at home seems very boring, so Vietnamese people often gather friends and go to their favorite coffee shop. Vietnamese coffee shops are often built in a wide open and ventilated way, so people can see cars and bikes running back and forth on the road, as well as watching beautiful girls walking by.

Drinking coffee in a coffee shop also has the opportunity to know more friends sitting near the table. They often talk about soccer, betting on football, cuisine, movies, politics, recent world topics, and most importantly discuss business.

Vietnamese people not only drink coffee once a day, but they drink 3 or 4 times a day. They not only go to 1 same coffee shop everyday, but also to different shops to enjoy the special coffee flavor of that shops.

Every time they went to the cafe they sat there for at least 1 hour, sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours. Coffee business is also a pleasure and profit, that’s why they’re so popular in Vietnam.



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There is nothing like a cup of freshly roasted robusta with condensed milk, with or wo ice. Coffee loses its flavors and smoky nuances very quickly after roasting. In VN, it’s very inexpensive and people like to go to the local coffee shops to hang out and socialize because their own homes are very cramped with not much AC. It’s also a Billion dollar industry that even Starbuck finding it’s hard to compete.

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These are things that a normal (16–40 yo) person usually need

Free wifi: for work, for waste time, for insta and fb

Space: where you can have mood to work. Have space to chating with friend

Air condition: ofcourse cuz it is free, and i have to pay my electric bill if I use it home. So yeah, free air condition is the reason

Teens need a great decorated room. For them to selfie. To take pictures.

Teens need food that is beautiful. Does not care how its taste

25–40 yo need place to talk with their partner. Disscuss about school stuff or job stuff.

And because all are free (except the coffee). So yeah. Why dont we go to the coffe shop and sit there from morning to night?

About the shop owner

They worked part time in coffee shop before. So that was only thing they know

They read alot of things that teach them to experience more than study.

Cuz they are already know a few steps to run a coffee shop (when they worked part time). + need to do start up (cuz every one doing that) + only know about coffe + alot of people need space like coffee shop + people dont really cares aboyut the taste. -> boom you have a new coffee shop in town


FACT: most of them been shuted down in about 6 months

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Because we Vietnamese love ❤️ coffee: strong, rich, delicious roasted beans !

And because we have a wonderful culture of street food, we prefer in the hand-made cups of coffee, than the frigidity one from automachine maker.

So, there are abundant shops of coffee ☕️ all over the North, Middle and South of Vietnam.

I hope you will have wonderful experiences while travel our lovely country ????????????????

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I think basically because Vietnam is the 2nd largest country to export coffee, and Vietnamese people also love coffee too. The need of coffee is rising, plus coffee shop is the best choice of teenagers and adults here when it comes to hanging out and chatting. Some coffee shops recently have a nice atmosphere and furnitures, they decorate the coffee shops in various concepts, and amazingly a best place for work and for the young to come and check-in, taking some photos for social media.

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Firstly Vietnam is a big coffee export country, Vietnam also has a lot of coffee farm which produces high-quality coffee beans. On top of that we have our unique way to brew coffee which is we absolutely proud of it taste.

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Vietnam is the second-biggest coffee exporter in the world , after Brazil. Vietnamese signature coffee called iced milk coffee or cà phê sữa đá has its unique sweet taste from condensed milk. We used Peaberries, known as culi in Vietnamese coffee-lingo , are coffee beans that have developed into a single spherical bean due to the lack of fertilization of the other bean. Culi Arabicas are very rare and known for a higher intensity of Arabica's attributes. Also, people in Vietnam love coffee and they will have at least one cup of coffee every day. :)

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