What do Vietnamese people think of the song Fortunate Son by CCR?

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What do Vietnamese people think of the song 'Fortunate Son' by CCR?
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I’m a Vietnamese dude, I don’t think many Vietnamese know this song but I know this song is related to the US marines in the Vietnam war. However personally I think this is just a good Vietnam War meme song. Nothing offensive really.

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The odds a Ex Pat knows this song is SLIM. Children of Ex Pats were mostly to young to have heard it in the mid 70’s. It was a hit in 69.

The many ladies I know via Helen are in their 60’s and 70’s. When i was in their homes their children likley did not know it or if did blew it of. I can assure you very few would have listened to AFN or ben offended.

What did offend them took place in 2004 when Vietnamese language newspapers published the story of John Kerry. Helens brother in law here was ARVN for 20 years when placed in Re Ed prison, her Father and Trans younger brother as well. Tran was a bit upset…just a bit. He insisted I go with him to DC. We find Kerry. I am to hold him down while Tran (past 5 years ago) cuts off that which men do not want to loose. You cannot pee standing…you may bleed out too!

My Basic Training photo was in her kitchen at work for 12 years until she sold out and retired in 2012.

She has told me S Vietnamese appreciate what the US did. Mihn wagged her finger in my face yelling “Would I have married a soldier in the Army that killed my Brother..VC KILLED HIM. We ALL know who killed who. Was tense.

A song about the draft ain’t poop to them.

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