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What do the Vietnamese think of both Hokkien and Cantonese people?

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What do the Vietnamese think of both Hokkien and Cantonese people?

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Mostly by default Kinh Vietnamese call people of the both groups as Chinese, including those who have a revision approach to realizes that, these two groups are culturally more assimilated to Viet culture, for more details about connection between Viet culture and the whole of “Chinese culture “making: Saymun Abadi's answer to What will the origin of Vietnamese culture be, like if Vietnam had never been ruled by China?

In short, we can read it as , they are the two groups that are considered by Vietnamese, as Chinese, but the type of Chinese who are very Viet, because they preserves Viet culture in their tradition.

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Just like Saymun Abadi said,Vietnamese thinks Hokkien(which they called người Phúc(Phước) Kiến)and Cantonese(người Quảng Đông) are Chinese.About both languages,Vietnamese says they are similar to Thai language,saying their languages are “the language of bird singing”(Tiếng của chim hót),though ironically-Hokkien Cantonese and Thai languages are somewhat simliar to Vietnamese.

Blue color circle(including Vietnam,Thailand,Guangdong,Fujian):


Vietnamese’s always thinking they are unique,different from other neighbor countries(because they fought against invasion from the north for thousand of years).

Not all languages are not influenced or shared similarity from other languages.Every cultures has been mixed or orgins as same as others.Look at English,it’s orgin a Gemanic languages, but mixing with Latin,French and Norse languages together to become language we speak today.

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