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Latest PES 6 2017 - Ketnooi Patch - Updated transfers

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Many people still love PES 6 gaming. Esspecially for low end PC.

PES 6 can be played very well, smoothly in Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 with onboard Video Graphic Card.

Here are the latest patch for PES 6 from Ket-noi.com....

This is Official Topic for this patch, Ketnooi KNAE 2017 Patch (Updated May 2017)

All updates of this patch in the future will be posted here!

Check this topic regularly (every week) to download latest transfers updates.

To Make sure all members can play online together on Ketnooi Server, please all of you download this patch

Different Patch may cause Mismatch on Play online


- Some Screenshots


Play Online on Ketnooi Server



- Trailers:

Champion league Final match 2015

PES 6 online 2v2

- Link Download Game:

English Global Version with English Commentary,

Updated May 2017 with U20 Vietnam in World up U20

1 link: PES 6 Ketnooi

Password: ket-noi.com

Vietnamese Version:

PES 6 Ketnooi

- Installation Instructions:

+ Download , then Extract

+ then run Reg (Choose 32 bit or 64bit based on your system).

- Updates

New patch for Winter 2017 is comming soon! in February

Check this topic regularly (every week) to download latest transfers updates.

- Online playing instructions

Check this Pes 6 online

- Who is playing online


Please vote for me if you like this patch!

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5 Answers

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Ow, thank you! Let play online!
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Thank you! Link download is very awesome!
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Thank you for your very good work!
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Ketnooi recently have changed Server IP, so please download latest hosts file. The old server will be off soon. You need to download it now!


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Thank you!. Very good download links
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