Decent price Hotel in Sa Pa

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I am looking for a hotel with a decent price that serves breakfast, wifi, safe in the room, and takes a credit card. I have been staying in hostels for 3 weeks and I like to have a private room for 2 people. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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If you are going to Sapa and want to splurge a bit on something special then you might wanna consider Topas Ecolodge.
This is not the cheapest place for sure but the setting is really unique.

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There's Sapa Lake view which is slighty pricy compared to others in the town. Kenpas Hotel right in the center of Sa Pa town is good and very cheap. The people are specially nice there and I'd recommend them just for that. Rooms are of decent size and clean. If you talk to them directly then I am sure they can give you a good price (incl. breakfast).

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