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Hello everyone ! I just been Honoi. I stayed in old quater was really nice. Now I am in phu Quoc Island. Now I am staying in long beach area. Someone please recommend me where to stay in Ho Chi minh city. I want to stay in hotels like in old quater busy with local people and tourist.

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there is a certain section of the Old Quarter in Hanoi that can be equated to the very touristy part of District 1 in HCMC.
However the Old Quarter has many faces and the very touristy part is a mere 25% of the Old Quarter as whole. So any future readers who might think that experiencing Vietnamese cultural authenticity in the Old Quarter is impossible, head for the western half, or the north-eastern quarter at a push.
The same perhaps pertains to District 1 in HCMC and there might well be variations there too.

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No idea of your budget but your best bet would be to do a hotel search in District 1 (often referred to as the backpacker area).
I stayed on a street in Saigon which, from memory, was called Bien Vue. It cost around USD 50 but I was treating myself to an upgraded room and this was by a wide margin the most I h ave yet paid in 6 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. There are lots of much cheaper hotels on the same street and other nearby ones.
I also stayed in the Old Quarter in Hanoi and the two areas are very similar: Lots of cheap restaurants and bars all around so plenty of scope to meet people, tourists or locals.
Good luck with the search.

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