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Which beaches should we visit in Vietnam ?

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We like beaches, parties, and meeting people. No budget at all. We will travel next week but haven’t decided yet which city to go. Any suggestion pls ?

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Ho Chi Minh City with an overnight in Can Tho to visit the floating markets at dawn.
Some people we met recommended Sa Pa, northern Vietnam for great scenery and cooler climate.

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If you want beaches with a good party scene then you should have a look atg places like Nha Trang Mui Ne and Phu Quoc
These are happening places with a young crowd.

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We were in Vietnam for two weeks and traveled from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. Our itinerary was:
- Hanoi and overnight on a boat in Halong Bay Vietnam
-Imperial City
-Hoi An one of our favorite stops in Vietnam, you can ride your bicycle to the beach too.
- we stopped quickly in Nha Trang, along the coast where there are beaches.
-Mui Ne for the sand dunes and beaches

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