Food, fun things in Hoi An?

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does anyone have recommendations for activity or other general tourist suggestions for Hoi An and of course things to skip... any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hoi An is one of those places where you should just give yourself some time to get lost in the small streets and hang out in the dozens of good cafes and restaurants. Hoi An is the best place in Vietnam to wind down after sightseeing around the country.

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Some things to do in Hoi An are listed as below:
-Visit old houses and the Japanese Covered Bridge
-Cham island Tours
- My Son tour
- Water Coconut Tour
-Cooking class tour
-Tailor measure to make
-And enjoy the beach
Coming to Hoi An, you should try some special delicious foods here such as: Cao Lau, Quang Noodle, White Rose, grilled meat and Banh My (bread).
There are a lot of bars in Hoi An for fun. Try Nhà Hàng & Bar Dive.
Have good trip!

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Try our Hoi An tour

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