lay your cards on the table meaning?

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What's the meaning of "to lay your cards on the table" idiom? Please give me some examples!
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Idiom Definition:

"to lay your cards on the table"
to show your true feelings or intentions
to expose your plans or ideas
accuracy, air, authentic, authenticity, broadcast, candor, display, divulge, emotion, exhibit, expose, fact, facts, feelings, frank, frankness, genuine, guileless, open, openness, real, reality, reveal, revelation, show, sincerity, spill, truth, truthfulness, veracity
Literally, this man has laid his cards on the table. - - - - ->  cartoon bearded man from the wild west has put his playing cards on a table next to his revolver gun.

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Gerund Form of the Idiom:

Laying your cards on the table can be considered an act of bravery or foolishness.
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Idiom Scenario 2:

Barbara has been Steve's girlfriend for almost two years.  In that time, she has almost ended the relationship many times.  She knows that they have no future together but Barbara just can not make the decision to end the relationship.  Poor Steve is oblivious to the situation and does not know that the relationship is in trouble.  One day Barbara decides that she must have a talk with Steve and finally just tell him her true feelings.
"Barbara is going to lay her cards on the table."
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Idiom Usage:

In the imperative:
"lay your cards on the table!"
Alternate form: to "put" your cards on the table
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Idiom Scenario 1:

Bill sells used cars.  He buys used cars and then sells them for a profit.  One day, Susan comes to see Bill because she wants to buy a car.  Susan decides on the car she would like to buy.  She begins to negotiate the price with Bill.  Bill tells Susan that the price of the car is $5,000.  Susan tells Bill that the price is far too much and she will only pay $2,500.  Bill says that $2,500 is less than what he paid for it and that he would lose money.  He tells Susan that he can take $4,000 for the car.  Susan shows Bill that the car has many problems and offers Bill $3,000 for the car.  Bill is a businessman and wants to sell the car but he also wants to make money.  Bill tells Susan that he can accept $3,750 for the car.  Susan tells Bill that that price is too much and asks Bill to...
"Please lay your cards on the table and give me the final price."
Bill tells Susan that his bottom line is $3,500.

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