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Please give me prices of popuplar products you often see in Vietnam for reference

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work in a tier 2 city just outside of Hanoi (Vietnam capital). All the costs below are per a person.

2 bed apartment with individual bathrooms - $176

Electricity - $27 – 57 (In winter the air con will not be as necessary so the price will drop.)

Water - $9 – 11

Broadband - $6

My Scooter $260

Petrol $3 (gets me 40+ km)

Budget Vietnamese meal $1.5 – 4

Fast Food Meal $3-4 for burger and chips

Fancy Meal $12 – 16

Bottles of vodka $4 – $5 dollars

Other spirits $6 – $8 dollars.

2l bottle of fizzy drink Under $1

Entry to local swimming pool $1.3

Pack of Cigarettes $2-3

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Just for reference, Prices may change depending on time and season.
Vietnam is known for its rich variety of delicious and exotic fruits. Here are some common fruits you can find in Vietnam:

Dragon Fruit (Thanh Long): 50k vnd/kg

Mango (Xoài): Vietnam produces a wide range of mango varieties, known for their sweet and juicy taste. Mangoes are commonly enjoyed fresh or used in smoothies and desserts. image

Bananas (Chuối): Vietnam has different types of bananas, including sweet bananas (chuối ngọt) and cooking bananas (chuối xanh), which are used in various Vietnamese dishes.

Durian (Sầu Riêng): Known as the "king of fruits," durian has a distinct smell and a creamy, custard-like texture. It is loved by some and disliked by others due to its strong odor.

Watermelon (Dưa Hấu): Refreshing and hydrating, watermelon is a popular fruit in Vietnam, especially during the hot summer months.

Pineapple (Dứa): Juicy and tangy, Vietnamese pineapples are known for their sweet flavor. They are often eaten fresh or used in fruit salads and desserts.

Pomelo (Bưởi): Similar to grapefruit, pomelo is a large citrus fruit with a thick rind and sweet, slightly tangy flesh.

Lychee (Vải): Lychees have a sweet and fragrant flavor with juicy, translucent flesh. They are commonly enjoyed fresh or used in desserts and drinks.

Jackfruit (Mít): Jackfruit is a tropical fruit with a sweet and distinctive flavor. It has a fibrous texture and is often used in both savory and sweet dishes.

Longan (Nhãn): Longan fruits are small and round with a translucent flesh and a sweet, floral taste. They are often eaten fresh or used in desserts.

Drinks & beverages:
Vietnam offers a diverse array of refreshing and unique beverages. Here are some common drinks you can find in Vietnam:

Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê): Known for its strong and rich flavor, Vietnamese coffee is often prepared with dark roast coffee beans and served with condensed milk or black. It can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Green Tea (Trà): Green tea is a popular beverage in Vietnam, often served alongside meals or as a refreshing drink throughout the day. It is known for its health benefits and calming properties.

Milk tea: 25-60k/bottle

Coconut Water (Nước Dừa): Vietnam is abundant in coconut trees, and fresh coconut water is a popular choice for hydration. The sweet and nutty water is often served in its natural form or mixed with ice for a refreshing drink.

Sugarcane Juice (Nước Mía): Sugarcane juice is made by extracting the liquid from crushed sugarcane stalks. It is a sweet and refreshing beverage, often served with a squeeze of lime and ice.

Fruit Shakes/Smoothies (Sinh tố): Vietnam offers a wide variety of fruit shakes and smoothies made from fresh tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, and avocado. These are blended with ice and sometimes mixed with yogurt for a delightful and cooling treat.

Fresh Fruit Juice (Nước Ép): Fresh fruit juices made from fruits like orange, watermelon, passion fruit, and pineapple are popular in Vietnam. These juices are often served chilled and without added sugar.

Herbal Tea (Trà Thảo Mộc): Vietnam has a tradition of using various herbs for their medicinal properties. Herbal teas made from ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, lotus seeds, and chrysanthemum are common and believed to have health benefits.

Beer (Bia): Vietnam has a thriving beer culture, and local brands like Bia Hơi, Bia Saigon, and Bia 333 are widely consumed. Bia Hơi, a light and draft beer, is particularly popular.

Rice Wine (Rượu): Rice wine, commonly known as "Rượu" in Vietnam, is a traditional alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It comes in various strengths and flavors, often enjoyed during festivals and special occasions.

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