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I'd like to know where and what documents I should send for getting a Vietnamese motobike license changed from an international license. On the vietnamese site drvn.gov.vn there is no indication where the application should be sent and what documents are needed.

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According to Vietnamese law, only the IDP international driving license is valid for use in the territory of Vietnam. Other types of international driving licenses will not be valid for use within our country.

Foreign tourists coming to Vietnam can absolutely drive their own car into Vietnam. In order for this driving to be legal, tourists must carry out procedures to change their driver's license or foreign driver's license.
Conditions for changing the license

Pursuant to Point h, Clause 5; Clause 6, Article 37 of Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT, tourists who want to carry out this procedure need to meet the following conditions:

- Have a valid driving license;

- Have a driver's license that is not erased, torn, does not have the necessary elements to change a driver's license or has differences in identification;

- Have a foreign driving license issued by a competent authority;

- Meets health standards.

Where to apply Vietnamese driver license:

In Hanoi, applications for temporary driver's licenses should be directed to the Office of Traffic and Public Works, 16 Cao Ba Quat Street (Website: https://www.sogtvt.hanoi.gov.vn)

In Ho Chi Minh City, applications should be directed to the Office of Transportation, 63 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 (Tel 84-8 38 290 451; website: https://www.sogtvt.hanoi.gov.vn).

In the other provinces, the applicants should consult local police authorities to determine exactly what action is required to obtain a temporary driving license in the province where the applicant resides.
Apply for a new Vietnam driver license

To apply Vietnamese driver license (either to drive a motor vehicle or a motorbike) in Hanoi , the applicant should contact the Centre for Automotive Training and Mechanism, 83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street – Telephone 3942 2715.

In Ho Chi Minh city the license should be applied at Office of Transportation, 63 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1 – Telephone 3822 3760
Documents required for driver license conversion

In order to apply or convert your existing driver license to a Vietnamese equivalence, you need to submit the following documents:


+ One copy of your passport with the photo page and the visa page (both visa and passport need to be valid).
+ One copy of your existing driver license, with a translated and notarized version (by a public notary place)
+ Three passport size photos
+ Filled in application form (download driver license application form for foreigners)
+ 135,000 VND (about USD $6 for processing fee)

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