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Is there any difference between sea areas in Vietnam during Tet?

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Yes, there are indeed regional variations in the way Tet is celebrated across different regions of Vietnam. While Tet is a nationwide holiday and shares common traditions, customs, and rituals, specific regional customs and practices may vary. Here are a few examples of regional variations in Tet celebrations:

Northern Vietnam: In the north, Tet celebrations often emphasize traditional and formal customs. People pay special attention to ancestral worship, visiting and tidying up ancestral graves, and participating in communal activities such as dragon dances and traditional games.

Central Vietnam: In central regions, Tet is marked by vibrant and elaborate festivals. The locals participate in colorful parades, cultural performances, and traditional games like Bai Choi, a unique form of folk singing and card games. Central Vietnam also has specific Tet dishes and specialties, such as Bánh Tét La Cam (purple sticky rice cake) and Bánh It (glutinous rice dumplings).

Southern Vietnam: Tet celebrations in southern regions often have a more relaxed and festive atmosphere. People engage in street fairs, flower markets, and boat races. The southern cuisine plays a significant role, with specialties like Bánh Tét Mung Bean (green bean sticky rice cake) and various tropical fruits prominently featured during Tet.

Ethnic Minority Communities: Vietnam is home to various ethnic minority communities, each with its own unique Tet customs and traditions. For example, the ethnic Thai people in the northwest region celebrate "Tet Hoa Ban" with activities such as buffalo fighting and traditional dances. The Cham people in the central coastal areas celebrate "Tet Chol Chnam Thmay" with processions, water splashing, and traditional music performances.

These regional variations add diversity and richness to the overall celebration of Tet in Vietnam. They reflect the distinct cultural heritage, local customs, and geographical influences present in different parts of the country.

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In the North, peach blossoms and banh chung represent Tet
In the Central and Southern regions, banh tet and apricot flowers represent Tet

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