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What are some popular Tet Festival decorations and symbols?

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During Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, several decorations and symbols are commonly used to celebrate the occasion. Here are some popular Tet decorations and symbols:

Peach Blossoms and Apricot Blossoms: These flowering branches represent good luck, new beginnings, and prosperity. Peach blossoms are associated with longevity, while apricot blossoms symbolize the coming of spring.

Kumquat Trees: These small citrus trees are believed to bring wealth and luck. The round and golden fruits are considered auspicious and are often displayed in homes and businesses during Tet.

Bánh Chưng and Bánh Tét: These traditional sticky rice cakes are iconic symbols of Tet. Their square or cylindrical shapes represent the Earth and the harmony between heaven and earth. They are usually displayed on the ancestral altar as offerings to ancestors.

Red Envelopes (Lì Xì): These small red envelopes are filled with money and given as gifts during Tet. They represent good wishes and blessings for the recipient's prosperity and luck in the coming year.

Dong Ho Paintings: These traditional Vietnamese woodblock prints depict scenes of daily life, folk tales, and Tet celebrations. Dong Ho paintings are colorful and vibrant, often featuring scenes of joy, luck, and harmony.

Calligraphy Scrolls: These decorative scrolls display meaningful phrases, blessings, and well wishes written in beautiful calligraphy. They are hung on walls or doorways to bring good fortune and positive energy into the home.

Five-Fruit Trays (Mâm Ngũ Quả): These trays are arranged with five different types of fruits, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. Common fruits used include oranges, bananas, apples, persimmons, and pomegranates.

Li Xi (Tet Paper Crafts): These traditional paper crafts are often used as decorations during Tet. They can take various forms, including flowers, animals, and zodiac animals, and are hung on walls or displayed on tables.

These decorations and symbols contribute to the festive atmosphere and traditional customs of Tet, bringing joy, prosperity, and good luck for the new year.

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Decorating the House: Vietnamese families adorn their homes with vibrant Tet decorations. These typically include peach blossoms, kumquat trees, and colorful ornaments. Red and gold, symbolizing luck and prosperity, are prominent colors used in the decorations.

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