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suppose I write a letter from me [sic] to you. What is sic?

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If I make the same error in every sentence, then a sentence where I do not make that error might just as well be worth a [sic].

If the author you quote from uses [sic] and you use it on his quote, it is not clear who introduced which [sic] (regardless of where you put yours). You cannot remove the [sic] of the original author, because that would distort the intent of the original author. I would therefore go for a footnote on the quoted [sic], that explains the details.

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The notation "[sic]" is used within square brackets to indicate that an error or unusual feature present in a quoted text is intentionally reproduced exactly as it appears in the original source. Here's how to use it correctly:

Clarifying an error: If you are quoting someone or referencing a written source that contains an error or mistake, you can use "[sic]" immediately after the error to indicate that it is not your own mistake, but rather an accurate representation of the original text.

"The sign read: 'No Tresspassing [sic]'."

In this example, the word "tresspassing" is misspelled in the original sign, but you have reproduced it exactly as it appears, while indicating that the error is intentional.

Acknowledging unconventional usage: "[sic]" can also be used to indicate unconventional or non-standard usage of language, idiomatic expressions, or dialects.

"He said, 'I ain't [sic] got no time for that nonsense.'"

In this example, the use of "ain't" and the double negative "ain't got no" may be considered non-standard English. By including "[sic]" after "ain't," you acknowledge that it is not a mistake but a deliberate representation of the speaker's words.

It's important to use "[sic]" sparingly and only when necessary to clarify errors or unconventional elements in the original text. The purpose of using "[sic]" is to maintain accuracy and transparency when quoting or referencing sources.

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