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Is Vietnam safe to visit alone?

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I manage a motorbike rental shop in Hanoi. Once in awhile people got there bike stolen or lost there phone due to careless ( forgot the key on the bike , left the bike outside overnight on the street, left the phone on the phone holder for a brief time, left the bike unattended for few hours to walk far…). Other than that, they feel very safe in Vietnam. I think the reasons are: Owning a gun is prohibited, police patrols often on the street. With a little caution and good observation of surrounding environment, you are good to go.

Hope you enjoy Vietnam as I do.

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Some kinds. I’m chinese and have been to Vietnam for 2 times

it’s not like USA where guns, drugs and smugglers everywhere. You are much safer to hang out at night in pubs and bars.

though some mobs on motor might rob the people walking on the streets for hand bags and neckless, you will have low possibility to meet them

the things you really need to worry about is those who wanna cheat money from you. Many Vietnamese shops and restaurants might charge you far much more than normal price if they know you are a foreigner

and the only bad guys I met in this country are taxi drivers… Vietnamese taxi drivers were born as Oscar movie actors—starting their show immediately when they wanna charge more from you…….

so I suggest that you can go to visit the universities in Vietnam, since there are lots of students there who can speak good English. Buy them a dinner or ice cream sth and they will be happy to take you around. Going with the locals will prevent you from cheated by local shops~

finally, respect the Vietnamese

Usually Vietnamese people are very nice, friendly and patient people, but don’t make them angry… if they become angry, you will realise that you have a serious bad problem…

when I was in the pub in Ho Chi Minh at night I saw an Indian guy touched a Vietnamese girl rudely without permission and at least 15 guys beat him on the ground…

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Yes, it is. I visited Vietnam six months ago alone and there wasn’t one small incident that made me feel unsafe. Provided, I took a few precautions.
I used Grab (an app like uber) which was comparatively safer and budget friendly than hiring local, unknown motorbikes or taxis which might rip off your pocket. I never took my original copy of passport with me everyday. I kept it in a safe at my room and took just a copy of it. Don’t store your money in a single place. Wear your bag pack (safer than handbags or sling bags) facing front in crowded places. I also used a small pouch that went around my waist to store larger currency. Always stay alert on the roads and don’t use your mobile often on the pavements.

Vietnam was so much safer than other countries I’ve visited. I went clubbing with my friends in Vietnam and partied till 2am. They were so hospitable and one of my male friends insisted on dropping me home safely even though his home was halfway across the city from mine.

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What I can say is “YES” I meet many of foreigners visit our country alone. I also cycle from Hanoi to HCM alone 6 months ago and now I answer your question/

But something to note; If you not always ride motorbike; consider when think about go by motorbike to Ha Giang.

BTW: Welcome to Vietnam

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According to the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, Vietnam is generally safe to visit as a solo traveler. However, as with any travel, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to ensure your safety. The U.S. Department of State's website recommends checking the local news and weather reports, avoiding large crowds and demonstrations, and being aware of your personal belongings at all times. Additionally, it is always a good idea to let someone know your travel plans and to have emergency contact information with you.

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I just finished my solo trip's vietnam leg and I'd say it is a pretty safe place for both genders given you travel a bit responsibly.

Here are a few things not to do -

Staying at a really cheap hotel or hostel - definitely not safe for your belongings.
Hop on any bike taxi or cab you see - use grab, its cheaper than most other options and safer too.
Jumping on a bike just coz the rider has a grab tshirt or jacket on - a lot of bike taxi drivers wear grab jackets or helmets but they are not grab taxis. So always book via grab or ask the driver to give grab code. If they are fake ones, they wont give code and you should move on. There are a lot of grab bike taxis so don't worry about losing the ride.
Not using lockers - Lock your stuff properly no matter where you are staying.
Expecting Free towels - Carry your own towel if you are staying at a hostel.
Booking cheap but far - Traffic is a pain in the ass in most cities. Book a hostel or hotel near the attractions you want to visit. For example, old quarter in hanoi or District 1 in Saigon. Most tours also use these locations as pickup points.
Booking tours from hostel - Never book a tour from your hostel or hotel. They charge way too much sometimes 3x more.
Expecting fast public transport- Public transport is very good for travelling from and to the airports. Dont book hotel taxis coz they get commission from the taxi drivers for bookings and they take just about 15-20 minutes more. But, it takes a lot more time in the old buses. Airport transfer buses are good.
Dont fall for tourist trap locations - you shouldn't have to visit a museum if you aren't interested. There are a lot more better things to do in Vietnam. Museums and such attractions are time consuming and drain a lot of money.
Spending on some fancy tours - Most tours are money traps. E.g., Dont spend more than VND 300.000 if you're going to cu chi tunnels in Saigon. Anything more than that means you are being ripped off.
Vietnam is pricey - And finally, $1 = ~VND 23.000 right now. Everyone ignores the .000 in Vietnam. They just say 20 or 30 and not twenty thousand. A mug of beer costs VND 5.000. Pretty fucking cheap I'd say.
Have a great trip!

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I’m in Vietnam right now, as it happens, on a month-long extended break. I’ve been staying down on the island of Phu Quoc in the far south. It’s the first time I’ve been to Vietnam. In answer to the question, I’ve found Vietnam very safe - certainly compared to my time in Thailand. Obviously, if you’re going to hang around shady bars in Saigon then your mileage may vary, but I’ve found that down here life is very slow and quiet - even for a popular tourist beach resort like Phu Quoc.

Vietnamese people, in my experience, are very shy. As a white Englishman, I find that I get accorded an almost unsettling amount of respect from the people here. There is practically nowhere I can’t go and absolutely nobody has given me the kind of passive-aggressive attitude I came to recognize (and resent) from some Thais. I’d say the biggest problem is just getting to make any connection at all with real Vietnamese people - they seem so reserved, so shy, it’s a bit of a problem. Of course, if I spoke Vietnamese I’m sure my experience would be immeasurably different (in other words, it’s not their fault; it’s mine).

It’s a beautiful country - an imperfect paradise (aren’t they all?), but still a paradise, with 2000 miles of some of the world’s best coastlines. Nobody here has tried to scam me, nobody’s been rude or had a bad attitude. If you want a quieter, much less vulgar experience of a SE Asian country, Vietnam comes very highly recommended (and it’s good value, too). It can still be a full-on culture shock at first, but once you calm down you notice how easy it is to just quietly fit in with the day-to-day all around you.

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Yes it is for solo female travellers. Having said that, like anywhere in the world you need to pack your common sense. Phone snatching and pickpocketing exists right throughout the developing countries of SEASIA. So always be aware of your surroundings and dont make it easier for thieves by standing on a street corner texting on your phone. That's just inviting them to a free phone.

Avoid overnight sleeper buses which are unique to Vietnam. They're nothing more than ‘coffins on wheels'.

When a truck has a head on crash with a bus, the bus tends to burst into flames trapping the passengers who cant climb out through the twisted steel cages you sleep in.

Time yourself getting into a sleeper bus then imagine how long it would take to get out of the same bus under normal circumstances. Then multiply the time it takes when the bus is on fire or upside down an embankment.

If you truly have no choice only go on a day bus and make sure it's a normal bus with proper seats.

The trains are cheap and a great way to meet local Vietnamese.

Street food is wonderful and plentiful and believe it or not safer than eating in restaurants that cater for tourists in tourist hotspots. The street food vendors usually specialise in only one dish but they excel at that dish.

Enjoy a massage if you can.

Indulge in girly things like facials, manicures and pedicures at prices that you cant believe are so cheap.

Tipping is not in the culture but the Vietnamese do tip hairdressers, manicurists and massage therapists.

Domestic air fares are cheap also so if time is limited you can fly to different cities rather than use the much slower trains.

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