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What country do Vietnamese people admire the most?

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What country do Vietnamese people admire the most?

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The Vietnamese doesn’t like something 100%.

And I think it’s the same with any country.

However it looked like the majority of Vietnamese people was fan of U.S


The remaining population are interested in Russia, China, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, Laos, Cambodia.

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To put it loosely I only admire two countries: China and South Korea. Strictly speaking I admire none.

Both China and South Korea have managed to develop phenomenally in just 1–2 generations, overtaking many countries that used to be many times richer than them. They offer very relevant lessons for Vietnam in our development path and we hope and are actively striving to emulate their successes. In fact, our government has been learning a lot from them.

Not to mention their cultural influence here in Vietnam. I myself enjoy both Chinese and Korean music and dramas on a daily basis. Frankly speaking China and South Korea are two most culturally similar countries to Vietnam in this whole world, hence it’s not a big deal to us to consume their cultural products. Especially the way South Korea promotes its culture is worthy of learning. Vietnamese are highly nationalistic, and seeing countries that are culturally similar to us advertise and polish their cultures to the world successfully does trigger our sense of urgency to do something for our country.

Ah yes their sense of national pride (tự tôn dân tộc / 自尊民族) is what I highly admire about them as well.

Note that “admire” here doesn’t equate to “worship”. It’s not like China and South Korea haven’t done some crappy stuffs to Vietnam. We still remember our history and what they did to us very well . Oh and we know very well their opinions toward us, which are not suitable to be mentioned here. Simply put, Vietnamese resent and admire China and South Korea to extreme levels at the same time. And increasingly by admiring Chinese and South Koreans, Vietnamese are aware that we have to work harder for the sake of our own country.

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There exists no singular country that the Vietnamese people like best, they are not a hive mind - each likes a different country.

As for the Vietnamese nation - there will never be any nation that they ‘like’. Politics is eternally a matter is interest - if the US turn hostile to Vietnam tomorrow, I guarantee the Vietnamese state will begin flirting with China.

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In short answer, Russia and Cuba are among the most admired countries in my minds.

Why Russia? Why Cuba?

Simply because it was Russia and Cuba who strongly supported the revolutionary movements as well as the national independence of Vietnam, even in the darkest and the most critical periods of modern Vietnamese history, such as during the U.S. escalation of the Vietnam War (1965–1968) or the period of 1978–1979, when Vietnam was totally surrounded in all directions by hostile forces led by China.


“Мы солидарны с тобой, Вьетнам!” (“We stand with you, Vietnam!”) - a Russian poster about the Vietnam War in 1970.

Also, because it was Russia or the former Soviet Union who successfully defeated the Nazi Germany and its genocidal regime in Europe, paving the way to the decolonization and national liberation movements worldwide in 1950s–1960s.

Later on, the Russian-made AK-47s, T-54 tanks and S-75 missiles successfully safeguarded the national independence of a lot of countries in Africa and Asia, such as China, Mongolia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam during the 1960s-1970s. Moreover, the Russian educational system successfully trained the first generation of Vietnamese engineers and technical experts.


Cuban President Fidel Castro visited the liberated zones of Quảng Trị Province, Central Vietnam in 1973.

Also, because it was Cuba who provided the enormous diplomatic and medical supports for Vietnamese people, amid the aerial bombings of the 1960s or the economic sanctions during the 1970s. Remember at that time Cuba itself was also totally surrounded by hostile forces. In case of Vietnam, at the high peak of the Vietnam War, Cuban President Fidel Castro once said:

“For Viet Nam, we are ready to sacrifice even our blood”

Later on, it was the Cuban volunteers who fought decisively against the Western mercenaries and troops from the genocidal regime of Apartheid in South Africa, successfully protected the independence of the Republic of Angola during the bloody civil war and the foreign intervention (1975–1988), also safeguarded the birth of Namibia as a newly independent country from the Apartheid regime.

Nowadays, Vietnam has always maintained very good relationships with these two countries. In terms of diplomatic language, the Russia-Vietnam relations is the “traditional friendship”, while the Cuba-Vietnam relations has been regarded as the “special relationship”.


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I disagree with most answers here. I’m guessing they are either overseas Vietnamese or giving an idealistic answer.

From a general view, Vietnamese admire China the most. Long ancient history, big country, fast development, modern cities, ancient architecture and culture and only Asian country that can challenge US. Note: admire doesn’t mean they like China. However the achievement of China is admired by most.

Second place would be U.S. Big country, big economy, most powerful country in the world. Home of Apple, Google, Microsoft etc, technologically advanced and rich.

Third place would be South Korea. Small country but large economy. Came from the ashes of war and is now rich. One of the biggest investors in Vietnam.

Fourth would be Russia. Russia cancelled Vietnamese debt and gave a lot of help to Vietnam. It’s considered a very generous country. Also technologically and militarily strong.

Lastly it would be Germany. Germans are known as smart and industrious people. It’s not a coincidence many Vietnamese firms choose to partner with Germany.

Honorary mention: Singapore. Small but rich. Most modern country in Southeast Asia.

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Personally, I admire the country of Israel most. However I consider the people more important than the countries. Thus I admire the Jews most, whether they are in Israel or USA/Europe/Australia etc.

Other people worthy of admiration are the British/German/Chinese/Japanese, no matter where they are. I admire Singaporeans too, but I lump them into the Chinese group because the Chinese vastly outnumber other subgroups.

Americans are a mixture of many peoples. I don’t admire all Americans but do admire some subgroups of them.

There are other admirable peoples too but either my memory fails me at this moment, or my ignorance is too large.

In any case I treat all people and living things with respect. Being alive means that all your millions of ancestors have been alive once and have been able to reproduce to make you. The odds against all your ancestors being successful in such endeavour is so great, any living thing is a miracle in itself.

You might ask if being alive is so hard, why is the earth full of living things? It’s a good question and deserves a long dissertation on its own.

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