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As a Vietnamese, what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

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As a Vietnamese, what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

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Hi, although not a Vietnamese, I’ve spent years in Southeast Asia, send some time in Vietnam. My eyes roll in my brain does flip-flops every time I hear the question, “how come the US couldnot win the war?. For one thing, Ho Chi Minh, said we will fight until the last man woman and child is left until the invaders are swept out. The US killed millions of Southeast Asians and The US arms makers made billions if not trillions. I live in shame for what my country did and if you have any compassion and no the history you should be crying also.

What do you think all this bluster about a war with Iran is about? Making billions for the military complex. Anything else is intellectual bullshit.

All the while the US thought defeating these small yellow people, GOOKS would Would be a cinch.

Dear Vietnamese brothers and sisters, please excuse the language. I love you and mean no disrespect with those words. But that’s the way it was. Every Marine I served with called you that word.

Whoever submitted this question please read and read many non-bias books about this area and war.

Never forget, ☄️The US INVADED Vietnam????

Art jacobitti

USMC 1961–1966

USAF 1968–1970

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