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How many Vietnamese innocents were massacred by Khmer soldiers under Cambodia's invasion of Vietnam

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How many Vietnamese innocents were massacred by Khmer soldiers under Cambodia's invasion of Vietnam (1975-1978)?
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In 1978 Cambodia under the Pol Pot regime DID NOT KILL OR MASSACRE the innocent Vietnamese people in Vietnam. Why should the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot go killing the Vietnamese people in Vietnam, when there are many Vietnamese people living in Cambodia? Ho Chi Minh killed and massacred his own Vietnamese people in Vietnam and created a reason to invade Cambodia so Vietnam can kill the Khmer people Chivan San's answer to How many times did Khmer refugees face the killing and die during Vietnam invasions Cambodia in 1978? and steal the Khmer property from Cambodia. Surya Yant's answer to What did Vietnam communist do during its occupation in Cambodia?

In 1975, the Vietnamese people were killed by the Lon Nol government those were the Khmer citizen living in Cambodia, the Khmer soldiers did not go to Vietnam killing the Vietnamese people in Vietnam. Stop confusing.

During the Khmer Rouge trial, Vietnam did not ask the UN tribunal to condemn the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot for killing or massacre the Vietnamese people because there was no proof. In fact, according to the Vietnamese Nguyen Vinh Long Ho, On April 18, 1978, the VC government claimed that the Khmer Rouge came to Ba Chuc village, Tri Ton district, An Giang province, and killed more than 3000 innocent Vietnamese citizens. However Nguyen Vinh Long Ho ( văn tuyển ), he believed that it was a framed incident by the VC government to revenge the “Hòa Hảo” (also known as “Tứ Hiếu”) religious followers who did not support NFL during the Vietnam War. To cover up their crime, the VC government blamed this mass killing of innocent Vietnamese people on Pol Pot. The VC government also used this incident to propagandize that the Khmer Rouge regime encroached on Vietnamese territory and used it as the reason to invade (the VC government called it “a mission to liberate Cambodia”) Cambodia. A Brief History of the Kampuchea-Krom

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Polpot's mistake was to kill more than 3000 Vietnamese people in Vietnam, before that 1.5 million Cambodians were massacred by the red kmer not the main reason for Vietnam to attack even though Hunsen asked for help 3 times. was the massacre at Ba Chuc, and Phu Quoc, when Vietnam had picked up secret documents knowing that China was behind their backs, they came up with a plan to liberate the Khmer Rouge.

At that time, the Red Kmer had a small and secret attack at night, not knowing who to support behind his back to make the decision to counterattack. But even if the Khmer Rouge killed all its people without crossing the border with Vietnam, there would be no Cambodia today

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I think you have that backwards there. Vietnam invaded Cambodia to get rid of the Khmer Rouge who were murdering the country.

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Ba Chuc Massacre - 3,157 Vietnamese civilians - men, women and children - were slaughtered by Khmer Rouge soldiers in April 1978. In December of that year, Vietnam invaded Cambodia and defeated the Khmer Rouge, removing Pol Pot from power.

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In short answer, the overall Vietnamese casualties during the border war waged by Pol Pot and his Maoist genocidal regime was enormous high. A lot of Vietnamese people were pillaged, raped and brutally murdered in a lot of massacres.

Thanks to the strong military supports from the Maoist regime in China, the Khmer Rouge army was fully-equipped with significant amounts of Chinese military hardware.


Khmer Rouge soldiers in action, circa 1975–1977.

With a lot of AK-47s, B-40s, Type 59, Type 63 tanks and J-6 aircraft, together with 23 infantry divisions and 200,000 troops under his command, from April 1975 to January 1979, Pol Pot was so overconfident to wage the bloody border war against Vietnam.

According to the memoirs of Mr. Lưu Văn Lợi as a well-known Vietnamese diplomat at that time, during four years of Pol Pot’s border war (1975–1979), Vietnam suffered:

“79,860 casualties, or 74% of the casualties in the resistance war against the French”.

(Lưu Văn Lợi, “50 Years of Vietnamese Diplomacy (1945–1995)”, page 376, The Gioi Publishers, Hanoi, 2006)


International correspondents at the site of the Ba Chúc Massacre, April 1978.

One of the most notorious massacres caused by Pol Pot and his Maoist “comrades” in Vietnam was the Ba Chúc Massacre (18 April 1978), which costed the lives of 3,157 Vietnamese civilians.

This massacre also marked the beginning of the downfall of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, because the Vietnamese government subsequently passed the military solution to overthrow the bloody regime of Pol Pot and his men.

Hope you readers will know more about the high casualties that Vietnam suffered during this bloody war waged by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Once again, thank you very much for reading my answer and best regards,


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