Fuzzy PID Control Simulation Research on Rotational Speed Regulation for Diesel Engines

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Abstract—The online self-adjustment of parameters of diesel
engines  mechanical  speed  controller  is  achieved  by  a
designed  fuzzy  PID  controller,  through  establishing  a
mathematic  model  of  diesel  engine  mechanical  centrifugal
speed controller and the application of the advantages of the
conventional PID  control and  fuzzy  control. The  fuzzy PID
diesel  engine mechanical  speed  control  system  is  simulated
by  Simulink  of MATLAB.  The  digital  electronic  governor
depends  on  controlling  software  to  realize  the  function  of
regulation  and  control.  It  can  automatically  regulate  the
accelerograph of the diesel engine, gives the engine the right
amount  fuel oil, and  lets  the diesel engine work at  the  fixed
rotational  speed when  the  load  is being changed. It also has
solved  the  mechanical  governor  problems  such  as  poor
accuracy and large time consumption to achieve stable state,
and  it  is  versatile  and  possesses  extensional  ability.  The
simulation results suggest fine dynamic performance, strong
robustness,  and  better  adaptability,  compared  to  the
conventional PID control algorithm of fuzzy self-adjustment
PID  algorithm.  The  performance  of  diesel  engine  speed
control system is thusly largely advanced.
Keywords-Diesel  Engine;  Rotational  Speed  Regulation;
Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm; Mathematic Model; Simulation
of Control System
In order to obtain stable rotation speed of diesel engine
under various loadings speed controllers are indispensable.
The  typically  used  speed  controllers  are  mechanical
centrifugal  speed  controller  which  could  control  the
openness  of  the  fuel  injection  pump  by  the  centrifugal
forces  contributed  by  fly  balls
.  Adopting  the
conventional  single PID  control method  is hard  to  satisfy
the requirement of diesel engine speed control because the
system  is  complex  a  nonlinear  multi-lever  type.  Thus,  a
new  method,  by  combining  the  fuzzy  control  and
conventional PID control in order to accomplish the online
adjustment of parameters of PID controller,  is established.
The advancement of  the new  fuzzy PID controller  is well

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