Research on factors influencing customer satisfaction: A case study of Danapha Pharmaceutical Company, Vietnam

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Today I Share you a thesis about Research on factors influencing customer satisfaction

¨ 1. Introduction
             Research background
             Research motive
             Research purpose
             Research procedure
¨2. Literature review.
¨3. Research methodology
            Research model
            Research hypothesis
            Measurement of variable
            Data collection
¨4. Expected result and implication of result
¨Customer satisfaction
¨Corporate image
¨Perceived value
¨Customer expectation
¨Pharmaceutical services
¨Vietnam is a country located in the South East Asia. Vietnam has population of 87 millions in 2010 with under 75% of population are under 40 year old (General department of statistic, 2010)
¨The total value of drugs used over US$ 1.9  billions in 2010. On average, one person spent about US$ 21.8 per year for drug in 2010. (Vietnamese Drug administration, 2010)
¨BMI forecasts in the next 5 years, pharmaceutical market in Vietnam will be a potential market for foreign companies (Business Monitor International Ltd, 2010)

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