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Today I share you some good CV templates for senior and junior

IT Senior

Experienced programmer analyst with the track record of progress in fast paced and complex business environment. Exceptionally organizational and planning skills with the ability to work under pressure skills and outstanding team building and client satisfaction.

IT Junior

My primary goal is to apply my technical expertise all throughout the full software life cycle to ensure production and delivery of products and services that meet client specifications. Along with a competent software developing team, and with strong personal knowledge, skills, and experience in software engineering, I am positive that this goal can be achieved. My experience as junior software developer enhanced my abilities in designing, implementing, testing, and upgrading software. One of my objectives is to keep updated with the latest IT trends and technologies. I am confident that if given the opportunity, I can be a useful talent to the company.

Marketing manager, FInance manager, Sale manager, Human resource manager

Download the package here

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