Vietnamese Buying Behavior Report

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I just want I'm looking for some documents about shopping habits of Vietnamese people. 

Does anyone have documents about this topic?

Thank you!

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I found a good article for you:

Impulse buying behavior of Vietnamese consumers in supermarket setting 

The goal of  this paper  is  to  identify  factors affecting consumer  impulse buying behaviors at supermarkets  in  Vietnam.  Impulse  purchase  or  impulse  buying  portrays  purchases  that shopper makes without any  intention planned before  shopping  trip.    This  study attempts  to analyze the impact of various variables extracted from internal, external, demographics, social perspectives  on  consumer  impulse  buying  behavior.  Quantitative  questionnaire  is  used  to measure  responses of participants. The  statistical analysis method employed  in  this  study  is Factor Analysis using SPSS software. This consumer behavior is on a great rise due to pricing strategies,  store  characteristics,  situational  factors  and  promotional  activities. At  the  end  of this paper, a set of suggestions is outlined to be investigated in the subsequent research works.
Keywords:  impulse buying behavior; unplanned purchase; consumer behavior;  supermarket; Vietnam


Impulse buying behavior of Vietnamese consumers in supermarket setting   
1.  Introduction
An impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned or spontaneous purchase (Clover, 1950; Stern, 1962;
Rook, 1987). Kacen and Lee  (2002) described  typical characteristics of  impulse buying as unplanned purchase
made  by  a  spontaneous  decision  and  a  subjective  bias  in  favor  of  immediate  possession.  Stern  (1962)  sorted
impulse  buying  behavior  into  4  distinctive  categories.  Pure  impulse  buying:  is  a  novelty  or  escape  purchase
which breaks a normal buying pattern. Reminder impulse buying: occurs when a shopper sees an item or recalls
an  advertisement or other  information  and  remembers  that  the  stock  at home  is  low or  exhausted. Suggestion
impulse buying: occurs when  a  shopper  sees  a product  for  the  first  time  and visualizes  a need  for  it. Planned
impulse buying:  takes place when  a  shopper makes  specific purchase decisions on  the basis of price  specials,
coupon offers and the like.
Parboteeah (2005; based on Piron, 1991, p. 512) viewed impulse buying as unplanned purchase after being
exposed  to  stimuli  and  finalize  the purchase on  the  compelling  urge. Ghani,  Imran,  and  Jan  (2011) described
impulse buying as  the  instantaneous purchase decision  inside a  store without  intention  to buy certain products
prior  to  shopping  trip.  As  consumers  browse  inside  shopping  context  without  intention  to  buy  any  specific
products,  they  are  exposed  to  splendid  in-store  layouts  or  joyous  and  cheerful  atmospheric  cues,  appealing
product display,  and many others,  thus provoking  consumers urging buying desire  for unplanned  items. Since
sudden  urge  strikes on  consumers’ buying desire,  it overpowers  consumers’  resistance,  hence driving  them  to
on-the-spot  purchases without  deliberative  consideration  of  information  and  alternatives. During  the  process,
consumers are influenced by internal and external factors that trigger cues for impulse purchase behavior.
1.1  Objective of the Study
The main objective of  this  study  is  to  identify  factors  influencing consumer’s  impulse buying behavior  in
supermarket  setting, hence distinguishing between direct and mediatory  factors. The output obtained  from  this
study modifies and corroborates  the conceptualization framework of  impulse buying behavior, summarizes and
proliferates consumers’ behavioral response model proposed previously by scholars and researchers from variety
of geographical origins.
1.2  Contribution
Although  impulse buying behavior of consumers  in modern shopping format  like supermarket  is prevalent
in emerging market of Vietnam, there has been a scarcity of researches into this affair. Therefore, the finding of
this study contributes  to  the understanding of  this commonplace phenomenon by providing a multidimensional
insight into factors constituting this behavioral response of Vietnamese consumers. Through the observation and
understanding of how and to what extent consumers behave in response to influential factors in shopping context,
retailers  and marketers  can  involve  these  factors  in  the  setup of  supermarkets  to push up  their profits  through   
encouraging consumers into more impulse purchases.
1.3  Profile of supermarkets in Vietnam
The  retail  industry  of  Vietnam  has  substantially  evolved  as  the  country  shifted  from  centrally  planned
economy to market economy since 1990s. Progressive industrialization and modernization, in common with the
more  prosperous  lives  of  people  and  the  mount  in  residents’  living  standard  has  altogether  brought  to  the
substantial  rise  in  average  household  expenditure,  contributing  to  the  surge  of  sales  in  retailing market.  The
urbanization  also  exposes  on  the  retail  industry  the  requirement  of  shopping  in  hassle-free  environment with

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