The most expensive Arowana and Datnioides in the world

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  1.  Blood Red Angel Arowana . Fresh red light.

    Price 5000$
  2.  Super red Glardiator.

    Price around: 15,000 USD  
  3. King Red Arowana - Fafulong in Vietnam. King of arowana

    Price 12,000USD
  4. Red pearl Arowana

    Price around 7000$
  5. Triad Arowana, Mekong Tiger, Stingray (Sam Galaxy)

    Dragon 6000$, Tiger mekong 5000$, Stingray 3000$
  6. Crossback FUll helmet 24k arowana

    Price around 6000$
  7. Golden fulll helmet Arowana

    Price 4000$
  8.  Super Platinum , Snow white arowana. Very rarely
    There are only some pieces on the world.

    Price 5000$
  9.  Super Full gold

    Price 3500$
  10.  Tiger Mekong - Vietnam Datnioids fish

    Price 3000-5000$/piece

Source: cá rồng đắt tiền nhất Việt Nam

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I have heard an arowana that cost USD 12000

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Really beautiful, but really costly
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