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Things to do in Tet holiday

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Im looking for ideas on things to do in Ho Chi Minh City when the city (and country) shut down during Tet, as most tours, restaurants, attractions, etc. will be closed

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On Tet Holiday, in Ho Chi MInh City everything still on normal tempo, even more crowded than usual, so please no need to worry about closing of all services here. The sightseeing places are not closed for sure, somewhere have free entrance fees for getting some lucks in the New Year.
Hope you have happy trip in Vietnam.

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You should go shoot street photography and chat with local Vietnamese far from the tourist areas. Its depend on your interests

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I have 2 options for you:
Option 1: You should find a travel agent now, they will arrange as well as recommend landmarks where you should go. They will provide you with full of necessary information.
Option 2: Make Vietnamese friends, recommend them for stay their hometown (like homestay). Thus, you will have a great chance to understand this special holiday as well as vietnamese culture in general.

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