Where can I eat Bun Cha?

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Hello! This is my first time in Hanoi, I heard from some friends that Bun Cha is very delicious.

Where can i try it?

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It's ok ........................

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Bún chả (Bun cha) is quite common in Hanoi. Some of the places that we saw didn’t look like they were selling the best Bun Cha, so my wife had a walk around until we found the place below. You could see the food being prepared and cooked right there, and there were locals coming in and out the whole time getting food so we knew it was the one to eat at.

Best place can be found at 29 Cau Go or  67 Duong Thanh.
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Yes, it's very cool dish, special food in Vietnam
Bun Cha is a dish of grilled pork and noodle. It’s served with grilled pork patties (bun) and white vermicelli noodles (cha). Usually it’s served with some banh goi (a pork, onion and mushroom spring roll type item) and herbs, chilli, garlic and dipping sauce.
Bún chả
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