Where to try Xoi Xeo?

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I heard this is good dish in Vietnam
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Where to try Xoi Xeo ?
Xoi Yen is a all time local favourite sitting just North of Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem lake) on Nguyen Huu Huan street. Ask anyone in the area and they all know what you are referring to. The price varies, without chicken, a bowl of Xoi xeo costs you about 50 cents (US). Have it with a glass of soy milk and you have more energy boost than a box of granola bars!
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Chances are you will encounter this dish in almost every outdoors market.
There are even two restaurants dedicated fully to this dish in the Old Quarters.
Xôi xéo is sticky rice topped with ground de-hulled mung bean and fried onion. Sometimes it can be served with eggs or steamed chicken breast on request. The serving is really filling and it is good for any time of the day but most Vietnamese have it for breakfast or lunch.

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