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When do you need to repeat the last letter when writing verb-ing?

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Both "traveling" and "travelling" are correct spellings, but their usage depends on the country or region.

In American English, "traveling" is the preferred spelling.

In British English, as well as in many other English-speaking countries, "travelling" is the more commonly used spelling.

So, if you are writing for an American audience, you would use "traveling," and if you are writing for a British or international audience, you would use "travelling."

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In English, you generally need to repeat the last letter before adding "-ing" to a verb when the verb meets the following conditions:

The verb is one syllable.
The verb ends in a single consonant letter.
The verb has a stressed vowel before the final consonant letter.

For example:

Run → Running
Hop → Hopping
Stop → Stopping

However, if the verb has two or more syllables, or if it ends in a consonant cluster (multiple consonant letters together), you usually do not repeat the last letter before adding "-ing."

For example:

Travel → Traveling
Visit → Visiting
Speak → Speaking

It's important to note that there are exceptions and irregularities in English spelling, so it's always good to consult a reliable dictionary or style guide if you are unsure about a specific verb.

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