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It is said that, as a conjunction, the two constructions on each side of (rather than) must be parallel. So can this phrase join two sentences like this? (I know there are better ways of doing it)

I will tell her rather than she tell me.

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The word "rather" is a versatile adverb that can be used in various ways depending on the context. Here are a few common uses of "rather":

Preference or choice: "I would rather stay home than go out tonight." In this example, "rather" is used to express a preference or choice.

Degree or intensity: "The movie was rather boring." Here, "rather" is used to indicate a higher degree or level of something, in this case, the boredom of the movie.

Contrasting or qualifying a previous statement: "She is not a doctor; rather, she is a nurse." In this instance, "rather" is used to introduce a contrasting or clarifying statement that provides additional information or corrects a misconception.

Emphasis or clarification: "I am rather tired today." "Rather" is used here to emphasize or clarify the extent or intensity of being tired.

Instead or on the contrary: "He didn't want to dance; he would rather sit and watch." In this example, "rather" is used to indicate a preference for an alternative action or choice.

It's important to note that the use of "rather" can vary depending on the context and the specific meaning you intend to convey. It's always helpful to consider the meaning you want to express and use "rather" accordingly.

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You're right -- it's not a good example. Your example is non-coordinative in that it has a comparative meaning, "in preference to". The constituents are not syntactically alike, "I will tell her" being finite, "She tell me" non-finite. This being the case, "rather than" is not here a coordinator. Instead, "rather" is an adverb.

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