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is “vl” vai lon a vulgar and offensive phrase in Vietnamese slang?

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I've heard this word a lot from my friends. I didn't know the exact meaning. But I'll tell you when they’d say that.

“Vl” is an adjective or adverb word and also swearword. Used to emphasize a surprise, unbelievable or angry thing. I recommend that you shouldn't use this word when you're speaking Vietnamese.

For example:

When someone try a delicious food, they'll say: “Mon an nay ngon vl!” - “What a fucking delicious dishes!” - means this dishes is good and they like it.
A couple has been lived together for more than 10 years. Then, they broke up. One of both told their friend and the friend say: “vl!” - “OMG!” - means I couldn't believe it.

I hope it's going well.

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"Vãi lon" is a vulgar and offensive phrase in Vietnamese slang, and it is not appropriate to use in most social contexts. It is best to avoid using this phrase and instead, use more polite and respectful language.

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“vl" is an exclamatory word. (!!)

Of course this word is teen-code* (never appear in formal writing, only chat or private messaging. its meaning a little bit smutty, not good)

It’s usually used when you want to emphasizeyour speech (anyhow, include surprise meaning).

For examples:

• When you see a beautiful house, you gonna say an exclamatory sentence: “What a beautiful house!!”

Your Vietnamese friend gonna say: “Căn Nhà đẹp VL!!” (đẹp = beautiful)

In this case, the right sentence in formal writing is “Căn nhà đẹp quá!!”

• You feel stress in work - “I feel so tired” or “I’m very very tired now”.

Vietnamese guy - “Tôi cảm thấy mệt VL"

** I’m tired = tôi thấy mệt

** I'm very tired = tôi cảm thấy mệt vl


• When you told a story..

Mr.Y : Last week, I saw John propose marriage to Anna and she agreed with him. I dont know why but they were break-up yesterday.

Mr.V : Wow! Really!? Oh goddd.. (VL! Thật ư? / VL thật!!)

Final: VL is teen-code. Vietnamese Dictionary don’t have this word.. So I can’t explain to you the meaning exactly. Hope you understand all what I mean..

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Honestly, Its use is similar to “fuck”, it’s informal in the speaken or the written, most used by teenager. It literally means “What a p*ssy look like”.
But in our daily conversation, it can be understood like “unbelievable” or “unpredictable” , for some following belows:
“vl” can mean “it’s so…, it’s very” like “ Nó đẹp vl luôn” => “It’s so fucking beautiful”

“mày ngu vl”, => “what a fool you are”
“Nó giỏi vl” => “He is so fucking good”.

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