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What are the best destinations to visit in Vietnam?

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These are the places I've been to and found very nice in Vietnam.

North Vietnam

Sapa: a small town in the northwest of Vietnam with amazing mountain scenes, terrace rice fields, and villages of different ethnic groups. Tourism services are quite developed too.

Vietnam political and cultural capital. If you enjoy Vietnamese food, Hanoi has a lot to offer.

Tháp rùa (Turtle Tower), in the middle of Hồ gươm (Sword Lake) an iconic location in Hanoi.

Phố cổ (Old quarter) in Hanoi. One of the best places in Vietnam for food and observing Vietnamese culture. The old houses may not be well preserved but the Old quarter is a very lively area.

Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh (founding president of Communist Vietnam).

Hồ tây (West Lake), the biggest lake in Ha Noi

Ninh Bình: Extremely beautiful but less well-known destination, about 80km south of Ha Noi. You'll enjoy an 1-hour ferry ride through a little stream and magnificent caves, surrounded by mountains and rice paddies.

Hoa Lu, the old capital of Vietnam (1000+ years ago) is in the area too. You'll find some temples of ancient Vietnamese kings here.

Temple of Đinh Tiên Hoàng, one of Vietnam's first kings.

Quang Binh:

Has many large and beatiful caves. Tip: Try the Thien Duong Cave, which is a lot better and well-preserved than the more well-known Phong Nha Cave.

Thien Duong Cave

Central Vietnam

Da Nang:

Clean & beautiful beaches, very good tourism services.

If you ride a motorbike, don't forget to take a ride through the HaiVan pass. You'll see the beautiful mountain and sea from the above. This is also a historical border of Vietnam and the kingdom of Champa.

Hoi An: About 30km from Da Nang. Maybe the only well-preserved old town in Vietnam. One of the drawback is although the old houses are preserved, they're now loaded with commercial shops and hotels. Most people don't live in the old town anymore.
Close to Hoi An is Cửa Đại beach, a cute little beach.


Old political capital of Vietnam in the 19th century of the Nguyen dynasty. Here you'll find the remains of the dynasty palace and many kings tombs.

Gate to Đại Nội, the old palace.

Tomb of Khai Dinh Tomb, a Nguyen king.

3. South Vietnam

Da Lat:

A mountainous region with temperate weather and many nice sort of flowers.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Phan Thiet

With sand dunes, beaches, and well developed services.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The biggest city in Vietnam. Old capital of South Vietnam.

Independent palace, used to be a resident of South Vietnam presidents.
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon - built by Frenchmen in 19th century.

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I just got back and my only regret was that I waiting till my 50's to go!
I travelled independently by train, bus plane and motorbike.
My favourites were,
Dalat for the train station and Escape bar.
Danang for its energy, river, beaches and general buzz.
Hoi An for its time capsule beauty and food and tailors.
My Son for its ancient temples.
Al of the Ho Chi Minh trail for its stunning scenery, fabulous roads and modern history.
Phong Na Ke for the caves and peaceful village.
Hue for the history and food.
Hanoi for its food and culture.
Niem Bein for the waterways and temples.
Mai Chau for the village life.
Phu Yen for the hill tribes.
Dien bin Phu for the history and isolation.
Sa Pa for its beauty.

Vietnam is fascinating and emerging rapidly. Get there before it's too late and invest in a good local guide.

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In Vietnam, you will be fascinated by the beautiful and peaceful beaches, delicious but cheap seafood barbecues, green and healthy Vietnamese spring rolls, or just the slim waist of a Hanoi woman with slim oday's back.When the light silence, only the beautiful mark will not erase.

Red church in ho chi minh city

The red church is one of the most famous landmarks in Saigon (ho chi minh city). The shape of the red church is symmetrical, majestic, straight into the sky, modeled after the clock tower of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Especially when the weather is good, the church in the blue sky and white clouds reflected under the inch, is extremely beautiful.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Although the lake is not big, beautiful scenery, the lake is clear, the lake can be seen far from the central turtle tower.There are also many chairs on the lake, which is a place for young couples to make love, a place for backpackers to rest in the morning and evening, and a hot place for many people to exercise in the morning.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Meeting an ancient town, its mark is bright and bright yellow, slightly wide old metope collocation is all sorts of triangle plum all sorts of green plants, have archaic flavour especially.Here is a collection of tailors, if you have time, may wish to order a set of oday here, feel...How fat are you!What is amazing about huian ancient town is that it is full of tailor shops in the daytime. At night, the street is full of lantern shops. There is no need for street lamps.

Nha trang

Beautiful island scenery, humorous boat boss and rich entertainment are all reasons why many people like this package tour. It's a great place to be wild, and if you're not crazy, it's fun to watch people go crazy.Come here for Vietnamese happiness.


Mui Ne

There is a long beach with a length of about 50kms, coconut wind and waves, and the water is clear and sandy. There are not many tourists, and there are many vacation houses of different grades. It is one of the beaches in south Vietnam that must be visited.The Mui Ne attraction of menai is the huge sand dunes, white sand dunes, red sand dunes and the very special karst landscape of the red river fairy creek.

Crazy House in Dalat

Because all kinds of fantasy imagination here into reality, everything is a little forest fairy tale flavor. Nga, the designer of Crazy House, is the daughter of the former President of the republic of Vietnam. After studying architecture abroad, she returned to Vietnam and began to create in da lat. In addition to Crazy House, da lat's children's cultural palace is also her work.She herself is a legendary beauty who is said to love dressing up in the sixties.The room next to the big door of Crazy House has some photos of her.


Halong Bay
Vinh Ha Long

Halong bay is known as "guilin on the sea" for its magnificent and beautiful scenery.Many islands scattered in the green bay, connected by mountains and rivers, the vast, breathtaking.Ha long bay is suitable for sightseeing by boat, rippling in the sea, carefully savoring the beautiful island scenery, is really a rare enjoyment.

The central post office in Ho Chi Minh city

Post office was built in the end of the 19th century, as the French architect design, beautifully decorated hall, extremely rich classical flavor, is broad hall on both sides of the business counter, from outside to inside is circular bench, central hall above the left and right sides of each have a map of Vietnam, is said to be the French geologist hand-painted, dome, circular flower window, ornate chandeliers, flower wall lamp, electric fans, etc., all with the style of gothic architecture.


Da Lat Train Stations

The da lat train station was designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron in 1932 and opened in 1938.Abandoned in the late years of the Vietnam war and only restarted in the 1990s, the reopened railway line runs 7km (4.3 miles) from dalat to the nearby town of Trai Mat, mainly as a tourist attraction.The main colour of the station is a striking orange-red colour, with three pointed roofs and stained glass reflecting an old and exotic look.Only a few vintage carriages and locomotives have been preserved.

Ho Chi Minh city Pink Church

Pink church is located in the third district of ho chi minh city. It is not a popular destination, but some girls are attracted by its pink appearance and gradually become one of the more popular tourist destinations. It is suggested to take a taxi to the pink church.I suggest going to church after 2 p.m

There are many interesting and beautiful places in Vietnam. I hope you will also enjoy this enthusiastic country.

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