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VinFast VF 9, VF 8 released

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In recent years, the car market seems to have fluctuated a lot, guys, now on the occasion of the year-end summary, the most obvious is the trend of switching from gasoline cars to electric cars, hybrid cars... Which in my opinion is this trend. necessary. Inherently every product has a development life cycle and always has to change and improve quality so as not to fall behind. At the current rate of technology development, electric vehicles are a near future.

Cars in the past were just mechanical products, today almost every car integrates modern technology. But everything also needs resources to upgrade and develop, leading to a consequence of environmental pollution. The story of global warming requires countries, businesses and corporations to move towards a greener option and from there we have the birth of electric vehicles - a solution that is more efficient and economical than petrol cars. Of course, it must be mentioned that VinFast has invested in developing electric vehicles in Vietnam, building charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles... in my opinion, thanks to VinFast, electric cars have gradually become popular in Vietnam because many people buy cars because of their love. patriotic, "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods" too, guys.

In the current technology era, it is not difficult to disseminate information, especially for young people who are very concerned about the environment, so switching to electric cars is easier to support. As a matter of course, electric cars have received a strong response, which you can see most clearly as in the EU, they have just enacted a law banning petrol cars from 2035. Or Singapore also gradually phased out petrol-powered vehicles in 2040, Vietnam itself, the state also introduced many policies to develop electric vehicles. Not only being environmentally friendly, electric cars also have more technological improvements than gasoline cars, so it is not unusual for family members to gradually use electric cars.
Looking back, electric cars are still very new in Vietnam, but they are developing very quickly thanks to VinFast and the ecosystem they create. I feel there are many problems, but with such a young brand, it is still worthy of praise, and there will be many challenges, not simply being able to compete with the big boys. Hopefully, VinFast can compete more strongly with the auto giants.


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