Who are the Mang of Northwest Vietnam?

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Who are the Mang of Northwest Vietnam?

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I will translate this paragraph:

The Mang /maːŋ/ people (also known as Mảng Ư, Xá Lá Vàng) are an ethnic group residing in northern Vietnam and southern China (Yunnan province).

In Vietnam they are one of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Mang belongs to the Northern Mon-Khmer branch of the Mon-Khmer language family in the Austroasiatic language family.

Mang language is quite similar to Vietnamese but in reality is still different.


/mot/ - /mak/

/haːj/ - /ʑɨəj/

/ɓaː/ - /peː/

/ɓon/ - /puːn/

/nam/ - /han/

/ʂaw/ - /ʑɔm/

/ɓaj/ - /pyː/

/taːm/ - /haːm/

/cin/ - /θiːn/

/mɯəj/ - /ʑiː//ʑiːmɛː/

You can compare them further here:

Lò A Tư /lɔː aːtɯː/ (born April 16, 1991) is a Vietnamese politician of the Mang ethnic group. He is currently a member of the 14th National Assembly of Vietnam, term 2016-2021, belonging to the delegation of the National Assembly of Laichâu /laːjcəw/ Province, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Trungchải /ʈuŋcaːj/ Commune, Nậmnhùn /nəmɲun/ District, Laichâu Province, Member of the National Assembly's Ethnic Council. He was first elected to the National Assembly in 2016 in constituency 2, Laichâu province, including the districts of Phongthổ /fɔŋtʰoː/, Mườngtè /mɯəŋtɛː/, Sìnhồ /ʂinhoː/ and Nậmnhùn /nəmɲun/.

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