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How powerful was the Vietnamese leader Le Duan?

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Powerful enough to be the number two man behind Ho Chi Minh until his death and then take on the roll of party chairman. Early on he was a prime mover in the south and very aggressive in his fight against the French.

I have to fault him for continuing Ho’s collective and failing 5 year plan. But that takes nothing away from his strength as a leader. To the contrary, when others saw the failure or the collective and 5 year plans they lacked the strength to intercede.

Only after his death did Vietnam start its current economic revival.

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Depends on how you interpret the so-called awesome.


Lê Duẩn was indeed a hardline leader who ran Vietnam for close to twenty years and dragged it almost to the point of collapse. So much so that as soon as he died, his policies were overturned by his successors.

During his 17 years in power, Vietnam rapidly evolved from being a close brother to China to an implacable enemy, and fought a war that lasted more than a decade and changed the national fortunes of both countries, especially Vietnam, forever.

In the later years, Lê Duẩn was the object of almost intra-party discontent, as evidenced by his sudden illness and death and the selection of his successors by the Viet Cong, Trường Chinh, who was sidelined by Lê Duẩn, and Nguyễn Văn Linh, who was imprisoned on the orders of Le Phuoc.

Although Lê Duẩn unified the south of Vietnam, he adopted a relatively one-sided foreign policy, thus adversely affecting the country's development. Vietnam's actions were resisted by the rest of the world, as the world was in the midst of a third technological revolution. Vietnam was still in a situation of invading other countries, its economy was blockaded by various countries and it did not have any external trade contacts, which led to a lag in domestic development and missed the best period of economic development. Instead of making the life of the people better, it regressed and even food and clothing became a problem.

According to some sources, between 1978 and 1984, prices in Vietnam rose rapidly, by more than one half per year on average, and the national economy regressed significantly. According to statistics, by 1985, Vietnam's industrial output had not yet reached the level of 1978, and the economic decline was more severe than the general public could afford.

This was the case with industry, but food production was even lower, and Vietnam went from being a major food exporter to a major food importer. This has led to a decline in Vietnam's overall power and a decline in the international ranking of the country's overall power, placing it among the poorer countries.

Some media interviewed local Vietnamese about their views on Lê Duẩn after his death, and some still could not get over what Lê Duẩn had done in Vietnam. When asked what they wanted from the next leader, some replied simply that they would like to see Vietnam's economy improve. It seems that in the minds of the Vietnamese, the economy has become a major issue on their minds. Although there are many people in Vietnam who are indifferent to Lê Duẩn, there are also Vietnamese who support Lê Duẩn.

They viewed Lê Duẩn from the standpoint of his unification of the south and the achievement of Vietnamese unity as a man of merit for Vietnam, believing that Lê Duẩn was an outstanding son of the Vietnamese nation and that Lê Duẩn's previous reforms blazed the trail for future developments. Many people also visit Lê Duẩn's memorial every year on the day of his birth. The leaders of the Vietnamese government are among those who pay tribute to Lê Duẩn, who is widely admired.

There are two very different attitudes to what Lê Duẩn did in Vietnam. Those who hold a grudge against Lê Duẩn blame Lê Duẩn alone for the decline of the Vietnamese economy, and even Lê Duẩn's achievements cannot offset the impact of his actions on Vietnam. Others, on the other hand, were more focused on recognising Lê Duẩn's achievements and were grateful for his unification of Vietnam. Merit and demerit no longer matter, Lê Duẩn's departure took away all that was possible.

However, had Lê Duẩn's policies not been in place, would Vietnam's economy have developed into a developed country? Not necessarily, as the French occupied Vietnam at the time, and without Lê Duẩn's presence, the situation in Vietnam would probably have remained unchanged and the unification of the North and the South would have been even more unpredictable.Lê Duẩn's presence was a unique one for Vietnam, and he played a part in its history.

Although Lê Duẩn's decisions had a profound impact on Vietnam, objectively speaking, we cannot dismiss his contribution to the country and should look at what Lê Duẩn did from an objective perspective. In any case, he brought about the reunification of Vietnam, otherwise he would not be so much missed by the Vietnamese today.

What Lê Duẩn did in Vietnam showed many countries that when a country has great military power, if the leader of a country does not control his desires well, then he will bring unimaginable disaster to his country and the world.

Vietnam's experience has also shown the world that isolation will not work in order to develop a country's economy; trade must be established with other countries and only by integrating into world development can a country's economy be gradually driven up and a country gradually become stronger.

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Ho Chi Minh is a great leader who led Vietnamese to independence and communism, and communicated and cooperated positively with China.

Le Duan, on the other hand, betrayed the revolution and led Vietnam to imperialism and invasion towards Cambodia and Lao, and stabbed China from back

Le Duan is the one who tyred Vietnamese people on the war machine and started 1979 war against us, and finally got punishment

Nowadays some Vietnamese still memorize him and refuse to apologize to China, Cambodia and Lao for invasion war. This might be the barrier for the peace and cooperation between vietnam and her neighbours

We should be careful about Vietnamese expansionists. As a totalitarian country, Vietnam can control what people write and say domestically, and on foreign platforms like Quota they are still penetrating. This is a very dangerous signal to all their neighbours. We need to be careful that Vietnamese militarism might come back

PS: monkeys are working so hard to make movies and lies recently~ seems that their confidence was collapsing after year 2020 when their US daddy abandoned them on foreign currency rate~

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He was the director of bloody 1968 Tet offensive, showing to the world, especially the US public that the US’ VN war could not be won, bring the US to Paris negotiation and deescalation, vietnamized the war and completely withdraw in 1973.

Then, he, as General Secretary of VCP, was the one who approve the 1975 Spring that unified VN.

Again, it was him to decided to overthrown the genocidal KR regime of K, keeping VNese south-west border in peace until now.

Also him who monitor the VCP 6th summit in 1986, seeing the flaw of planed economy, decided to stop the war time economy policy even VN was still in war and reapply market economy, giving a VNese prosperity until now.

Lazy people, who did not read Marx, did not know about a real communism, only listen to the anti-communism propaganda, did not know that VN had once a real market economy under a congress having only 1/3 members were VCP, consider that the application of market economy in 1986 as a turn to capitalist. And many of them consider that a “win” of VN war. How ignorant they are.

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. By the mid-to-late 1950s Lê Duẩn had become the second-most powerful policy-maker within the Party, eclipsing former party First Secretary Trường Chinh. By 1960 he was officially the second-most powerful Party member, after Party chairman Hồ

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Le Duan was a pawn used by his own politburo in Hanoi. Hanoi not trust the Viet Cong this why they use VC like Cannon meat during Tet offensive 68. After VC destroyed during Tet Le Duan lost his ability to challenge Hanoi politically and had to accept a lesser role in Hanoi Politburo.

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Please read “Ben Thang Cuoc” to see that Le Duan had the absolute power in leading and organizing the guerrilla warfare against the US and former Republic Vietnam.

The Cold War masters on both sides China, Russia and US didn’t want to escalate the war since they afraid of making the Vietnam War to become the WWIII. Both communist Russia and China didn’t force the evil dictatorship Vietnamese communist party (VCP) to escalate the war. No evidence of forcing the war. But the VCP failed miserably in their new learned centralized economic programs to force them to fight for the communist masters China and Russia to survive! Le Duan skillfully organizing and leading the guerrilla warfare against the US. He proved it to the masters that guerrilla warfare would be successful if he got the food and ammunition from his masters. Le Duan got the support to fight with no fear of sacrifice innocent people to make or wait for the mighty US to leave South Vietnam!

The mighty US didn’t want to drop bombs to destroy Northern Vietnam and Hanoi to Stone Ages because they afraid of escalating the war with Russia and China to be a WWIII. They had successfully used the Containment Policy to contain the spreading of the evil communist regimes. And in 1972, the US began to withdraw from Vietnam because the Containment Policy had successfully achieved. The US didn’t lose the Cold War in Vietnam to Le Duan.

The US was immoral in dropping its ally the former Republic Vietnam (South Vietnam) to be bloodily destroyed by the evil dictatorship Vietnamese communist party who still had support from their masters communist China and Russia in 1975.

Le Duan got his wishes in taking over the control of South Vietnam in the name of the infamous propaganda “liberate the south “ (Giai Phong Mien Nam)!

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Question: How powerful was the Vietnamese leader Le Duan?

Answer: Mr. Le Duan was very powerful because he strictly pursued the Vietnamese will for independence, reunification, and defense of the Vietnamese nation. Also, He was a capable leader who could lead his country through tough times.


(Le Duan and Ho Chi Minh)

Le Duan was one of the leaders of the Southern Viet Minh brand and chosen to become a new leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam war as the way to secure the unity of both the Southern Vietnam faction and the Northern Vietnam faction.


(Hoi An, Central Vietnam)

Although he had made many mistakes in manage the Vietnamese economy, he led Vietnam to the victory over America and the American puppet - the South Vietnam regime, China, and the Chinese puppet- the Cambodian Khmer Rouge. If Le Duan was not the new leader of Vietnam, God knows that where Vietnamese history would be?


(Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Vietnam after 45 years of liberation)

He was also an iron leader who led patiently and strongly Vietnam went through storms to storms. Together with Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap (Military strategist), and Pham Van Dong (Prime Minister), Le Duan are one of four pillars of the Vietnamese nation during these periods of being invaded by France, the US, and China and set up the strong base for Vietnam to take off after ending the wars.


(Hanoi, Northern Vietnam)


Danang City, Central Vietnam


Nha Trang City, Central Vietnam

In conclusion : He was a very powerful leader of Vietnam but not powerful as Mr. Ho Chi Minh who could control complete the power in the Vietnamese political structure before. To compare the role and the power between Mr. Ho and Mr. Le Duan, You could think of a class in school.

Mr. Ho would be a Form Teacher but Mr. Le Duan would be like a class monitor.


Lusia Millar

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