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How do you write ''Cambodia'' in Vietnamese?

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How do you write ''Cambodia'' in Vietnamese?
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Question: How do you write ''Cambodia'' in Vietnamese?


The Vietnamese use many terms to call Cambodia and the Cambodian


(1). Nước Campuchia (Cambodia) and Người Campuchia (This term is used quite popularly at the present)

(2). Nước Cam Bốt (Cambodia) and Người Cam Bốt (Cambodian)

(3). Nước Cao Miên (Cambodia) and Người Cao Miên (Cambodia)

(4). Nước Nam Vang (Cambodia) and Ngươi Nam Vang (Cambodian)

(5). Cao Man (Cambodia) and Người Cao Man (Cambodian) (rarely and used in the Vietnamese old language) (Man means Barbarians/wild and uncivilized people similar to the term “Youn” that the Cambodians use for the Vietnamese ethnic)

(6). Nước Chân Lạp (Similar to Chenla, Cambodia) and Người Chân Lạp (Cambodia) (rarely and used in the past).

(7). Nước Khmer (Cambodia) and Người Khmer (Cambodian)

(8). Nước Khơ-Me (Cambodia) and Người Khơ-me (Cambodian)

(9). Cambodia and Cambodian (Used according to the English language for English learners in Vietnam).

P/s: I write answers based upon the gist and requirement of the question. Readers are requested to read it with neutrality and rational approach. I throughout this answer has no intention of showing any disrespect towards any group of people or country.

Good Luck.

Lusia Millar

Footnote (Later)

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Since the middle of XIX century, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were under French Colonialist, Cambodia as former French name (before 1975) is “Cambodge” so Vietnamese pronounced “Cam bốt” as the same in that period, then the Democratic Kampuchea (or Democratic Cambodia) is the official name of Cambodia between 1975 and 1979, ruled by the Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese also pronounced “Cam pu chia” (or short form “Cam or K”) until now.

Ex: I have gone to Cambodia as a soldier - Tôi đã đi bộ đội bên “Cam pu chia” (or “Cam” or “K”)

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Cambodia was known as “Cambodge” in the old days by the French.

In Vietnam ,we called it “Cam Bôt” then.

When Cambodia became Kampuchia, Vienamese refer to it as “Kam Pu Chia” (3 words).

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