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Is Lung a Vietnamese name?

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Is 'Lung' a Vietnamese name?
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Lung, Lùng, Lúng, Lủng, Lũng, Lụng

Lưng, Lừng, Lứng, Lửng, Lững, Lựng

yes some of them might be used as a name

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Lương is a Vietnamese name, and maybe, depending on the speaker, it may sound like Lung. A North Vietnamese will be clearest, something like ‘Lu[r] - ong’, while a Southerner might make it sound shorter, almost like Lunng

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Hello, I am Vietnamese.

I also question myself whether or not Lung is a name???

It is quite awkward.

For 30 years in my life, I have not met anyone who names Lung - Lùng - Lứng - Lửng.

Though there still be two options.

Firstly, it is a wild animal name Lửng (picture below), but nowadays we don’t name after an animal anymore.


Secondly, probably Lung belongs to some ethnic minorities living far from modern cities.

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