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Have southern Vietnam lost more traditional culture compared to the north?

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Southern Vietnam culture mixed of conquerors from Northern and Central land of Vietnam; the fleeing Chinese from mainland; Khmer Krom people … and so on.

Compare South and North, just like compare UK and USA

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Definitely. In fact, it lost most of it due to the North.

Remember, South Vietnam only started to get incorporated into Vietnam about ~300 years ago. Before that, it was a part of the Champa kingdom and Khmer empire, which belonged to the Indosphere, but then both got annexed by Vietnam (North Vietnam) and their cultures got wiped and replaced by the North Vietnam culture.

You could still find remnants of the true Southern Vietnam traditional culture in the South.

Champa remnants


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No. I would say the North lost more traditional culture compared to the South, considering it was under a communist regime for decades longer.

Similar to the Cultural Revolution in China, though not nearly as bad, many elements of traditional culture were not looked at kindly by the communists.

It’s kind of like China and Taiwan, in that China has lost more of its traditional culture compared to Taiwan. Or North Korea and South Korea.

Just because Southerners are more cosmopolitan, doesn’t mean they are less traditional than Northerners.

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