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Why are Koreans obsessed with Vietnamese food like Pho and men marrying Vietnamese women. Is it because of their superior culture and beauty?

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They’re not obsessed lol..they just like to eat it sometimes and think it tastes good! I personally don’t like pho.

And oftentimes older, Korean men who live in the countryside and are generally poor, struggle to get married to Korean women who don’t want them so they set up international marriages with Vietnamese, Filipino women who are even poorer.

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Life is very simple regarding to this issue: food and women. Be short this is like this: LIFE CONSISTS OF CHOICES IF YOU HAVE OPTIONS. To clarify the answer for this question, one would look into the fact and reality.An average Chinese man , Korean man or even Oversea Vietnamese man will have option to choose mate They will not have more options at the place they are living. Make it simple why don't they choose women of USA, Canada, Australia or generally in the West? Answer: most will have NO CHANCE OR NO ONE WANTS YOU. Then why not choose somewhere in ..Amazone jungle tribes or South Sudance of Africa? Answer: why there and not better place like Asia?. Again why not Cambodia but Vietnam? Answer: More beautiful women in Vietnam and they are sophisticated, easy to adapt to modern societies. So, is that clear? Of course an optimum choice within SERIES of choices when it comes to choose mate for Foreign males…in general…Thx for reading..

Here is my hint for Foreign men to choose Asian mates: Regarding to Vietnamese women, there are more women than men in Vietnam bc of the war time also big family tradition. But that day will rapidly disappeared into the thin air. The war has been long gone in Vietnam. Their society is rapid changing, so is family tradition. Current Vietnamese family has fewer kids and ratio b/ t male and female changes. In the next 10 years or so there will not be single Vietnamese women for you to…fool around, let alone with settle down as mate. And by that time comes Vietnamese women would be more educated, more sophisticated and could make more money than YOU. So, the title of this question itself will be faded away like…..THE STONE AGES OF MANKIND HISTORY..Thx for reading…

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