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U22 Vietnam Football team knocked out from Sea Games 29th

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U-22 Vietnam Football team was eliminated from the SEA Games 29th right after first round, After defeat by ThaiLand.
And here are five factors that make Vietnam a bitter defeat.


   1. The fear of Vietnam. Huu Thang's men have more magnificent performances in their first matches this tournament, but they still have the feeling of being afraid of Thailand because of their past performance in the past. That is the mentality of the majority of players in the hands of coach Huu. They so choose to play defensive, contrary to the forte of offensive, so conceding is not recoverable.


2  Thailand's slightly better body. Worrychot coach has taken many pillars such as Battambang, Pattiwat, Sukrit, Suriya ... in the match against the Philippines, while coach Huu Thang constantly use the players he considers the best, such as Cong Phuong, Van Toan ... After the match against Indonesia, most of the main players in Vietnam are weak physically, even the central pillar Duy Manh was injured. That is the reason why Thailand play well till the last minute.


3. Thailand has two lead goals. The defending champion was fortunate in the breakthrough goal. The referee cut the whistle, penalty goalkeeper Minh Long in the situation catching the ball in the first half quite unexpected, although his angle of view is not very clear. Vietnamese goalkeeper caught the ball after the return of the team. This is rare in top-class football, where most goalkeepers will make the far post in the same situation.
    4. Thailand is under pressure to win. While Vietnam has just kicked and listened to the field with ambiguous purpose, Thailand has only one goal is to win. Even with the lead, Vietnam can still enter the semi-finals. It is the psychology of "half fat half" that has put Vietnam under great pressure when the chase. This is evident through the missed penalty kick of Cong Phuong, the top star of Vietnam in this award.
   5. Desire to prove ability. Thailand was underestimated after the first match in this tournament (draw Indonesia 1-1  and beat Timor Leste 1-0), and that makes teachers coach Worrawoot more determined. Being underestimated compared to Vietnam is a rare event in the history of Thai football. And it forced all of the Golden Temple players to take full advantage in the crucial match.

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Whereas Vietnam women's national football team win the Gold Medal

Congrantulate to Vietnam women's national football team team!

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