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Cigar in Hanoi

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I've been looking and asking around to buy good cigars. I knew some shops around corner of Hoan Kiem lake but I think the quality is not good enough, Does anyone know where there's a tobacconist selling good andmaybe cheap cigars? If you hear anything let me know please.

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I occasionally buy a couple boxes of Cuban cigars (to send home to Canada) from the fixed shops at the top of Hoan Kiem. They have real Cubans, with seals and everything, but they aren't cheap.
That's the only place I've seen boxes of good cigars.

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Low price is the hard part for a good cigar, but I bought a decent cigar intermittently from the Vine (Xuan Dieu)and the larger hotels - also Jafa at ciputra (around $8 for 1) don't know what they are though he did say duty free in Thailand was about the same price

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