Buying Motorbike gear in Hanoi

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I feel Tet holiday is the god time traveling by bike, to invest in some decent safety bike gear and now it's colder it won't be so uncomfortable wearing leathers and gloves. Anyone know where to buy gloves, leathers, etc

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Ground floor in the Hanoi towers.
Or there is a small shop on Kim Ma street. Opposite side of Daewoo hotel and a few hundred meters west. Or BIG BOX. In the south of Hanoi. Limited choices but good for gloves if I remember correctly.

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There's a new shop in my lane. 463 Doi Can.I see big dollar bikes (Dukati, Harley, big cc Jap race bikes, very nice trail bikes...) out the front of the shop. So I guess the gear inside is good quality, expensive imports.
I can see leather jackets, helmets and shoes when I ride by.It's the only shop in the lane, so if it's open you can't miss it.

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