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Buy Women's fashion in Hanoi

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Hi guys ! Anyone know a street in hanoi where i can buy clothes for ladies? Like similar to Saigon Square in HCM?

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Shopping in Hanoi is fun!. In Hanoi if you are looking for a certain items, you'll have a whole street selling similar. Is not the same as in HCMC Like I was searching for a flip-flop, I was very surprised. The whole streets where I went selling only flip-flop it was so funny.f you are looking for clothing go to Cau Go Street, here is women clothing and accessories only.
Good luck and happy shopping!

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There are many places in Hanoi where you can buy overruns branded clothings for ladies. I know a place in Long Bien District where buy a lot of clothes, fabrics cheaply. It's Ninh Hiep Market.

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